Who made their own skin?

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  1. Who made their skin and who just got it off of a website?

    (P.S. I made my own skin, shading, hair, jacket, transparent glasses and all.)
  2. I made both mine, and OrangeDuck607's skin! :)
  3. I made my own, and my other personalities' =P
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  4. I took all mine off of websites. If someone wants to make me a unique skin I'd probably use it, let me know.
  5. I'ave made my own and Magnusmercrator's skin, not that those aren't the same :rolleyes:
    Oh, yes, I did also make X_I_LIKE_A_PIG_X's new skin, for the people who do still know him :rolleyes:
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  6. I made my skin. My first skin was from a website and I made my current while I was bored. I liked it better so I kept it.
  7. I might. Link me to your skin please.
  8. I got two skins, edited them together and added eyes :cool:
  9. Cool ;)
  10. Of course I do, a very important person in the beginning of my EMC journey! :)
  11. I copied a skin from a random website when I was like 10, and am using that same skin ever since :p I practically don't even know how to edit/make one (sure I can find it out easily, but I don't know now).

    On the other hand, my little sister made her skin at age 11, completely by herself (and youtube) :p
  12. I have always made my own skin, and have never downloaded one. (I use novaskin)
  13. I made mine!
  14. Cool! can i see it?
  15. I made my own skin.
  16. Well, I did use to have a homemade skin. I think I used that skin for several years. But later on I started to realise that it was so bad and that I had 0 skills on skin making so I did just take a skin online.

    But I was proud of my skin when I did use it at first, "I was so amazing that I did my own skin".
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  17. I've started playing with novaskin and it's pretty interesting so I'll probably start making my own skins. Probably make a theme for my alts.

    Could you take the skin file and instead of doing it in something like novaskin, instead put it in photoshop so you could blend together colors more finely?
  18. You mean shading? To get that on novaskin, you go to wear, and there will be 2 shading options.