Which admin/mod do you fear the most?

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Who do you fear?

icecreamcow 9 vote(s) 12.5%
shaunwhite1982 1 vote(s) 1.4%
Aikar 18 vote(s) 25.0%
Maxarias 8 vote(s) 11.1%
NurseKilljoy 1 vote(s) 1.4%
Bigdavie 2 vote(s) 2.8%
bob23646 0 vote(s) 0.0%
tikiman678 1 vote(s) 1.4%
crazy1080 4 vote(s) 5.6%
Other (Ran out of poll options, specify mod/admin in comments below) 28 vote(s) 38.9%
  1. I just wanted to see how many mods/admins are feared. My fear is of krysyyjane9191 :p
  2. MileHi! Duhn Duhn Duhn
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  3. The one who blew up Utopia a a few weeks ago...

  4. None really. Their all good natural people who protect this server from trolls,hackers, bed thiefs, and etc. ;)
  5. haha :p
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  6. They are all good, no need on comparing
  7. [SYSTEM]
    After what happened to Jack…xD
  8. You forgot the random poll option! ;)
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  9. Le Chickeneer
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  10. I fixed the title of your poll to 'who do you fear?" instead of "justinguy" ;)
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  11. I voted NurseKilljoy only because when I first came on, I got the impression that they were a no-nonsense person. :D
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  12. This.

    SYSTEM truly is one to be feared.
  13. none, if ur scared of a staff member thats just sad, they try to do their jobs (no offense with the being sad)
  14. dont really fear any of them but every now and then i wonder if senior mods or higher are stalking people while hidden.
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  15. Beware the vanishing creeper. :cool:
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  16. I think this is more of a joke than something serious :)
  17. Aikar does that daily. Just look at the face..

    *cough* Stalker face *cough*
  18. Hmmm, I've been banned by most of them so who to fear....
  19. Interesting poll, but there's absolutely no rational reason for anyone to fear any of EMC's fun-loving staff.
  20. Except if their name's Aikar. ;)