Where's the cancel button for Supporters?

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  1. I've hunted high and low, and I remember when I was Gold, there was a Cancel button underneath the Supporter level on Upgrades, but as Diamond, I cannot find a cancel button anywhere.

    Any ideas?

    Failing that, that's a very clever business plan. :D
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  2. Hahaha, now you'll pay forever! Just kidding its probably there somewhere, have you tried under account settings? If all else fails you can pm ICC to help you out
  3. I think if you hit the 'Upgrades' tab, it should say 'Cancel Subscription' right up at the top of the page
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  4. upgrades.jpg

    Nope! Not there. :)

    I see what's happening here. In ten years time, ICC will be sitting on a sun streaked, sandy island sipping mojito's and living off an accumlated $20 a month that he's been stashing away from me. :D
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  5. Well the red text says its already been cancelled since it says "will expire". If it was still under paying mode, it would say "next billing date is ##\##\####"
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  6. .................................................. :confused:

    When did I do that then!?
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  7. Wow. That's weird because it's there on mine. :confused: They just don't want you to cancel. :D
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  8. Idk, Uhm change your password for sure and possibly change some of your banking information since someone could of possibly had access to it.
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  9. I wish there was a: "I'm a tit, please wipe this thread and the minds of everyone that's looked at it" button. :)
  10. *Promotes to front page*
  11. Damnit man. You could toast bagels on my face as it is, I'm that embarrassed. :oops:
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  12. And... That's going in my sig.
    Yup... Right there.
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  13. Blame the lizard.
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  14. Wait. Who wants to cancel? Why would you want to look for the cancel button? :p