Where were you?

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  1. Today, 9/11/15 fourteen years ago there was an attack on the world trade center. Two planes crashed into the Twin Towers. Another hit the Pentagon. For most people this was a tragic time. This Thread is for sharing where you were when this happened.
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  2. I believe I was on holiday, in Scotland I think... Either that or Northern England. I don't really remember it because I was really young but I believe it was on the TV whilst we were in our hotel room.
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  3. I was an infant at my house... So I do not really remember it.
    Edit- 9 and a half months old.
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  4. I wasn't adopted yet....but my dad risked his life in the city where the planes crashed into so he could rescue my dog.
  5. I was two years old living in Germany but my uncle lives at America and worked at pentagon
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  6. I was being a kid in Perth, Australia
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  7. Perth isn't in England... :confused:
  8. I wasn't even thought of yet :p
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  9. Sorry about that. And sorry for being rude to you.
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  10. I was one year and four months old, asleep in my dad's arms. He woke up after my mum called him at work and told him to turn on the TV and go on the BBC. He turned it on seconds before the second plane crashed. My mum got sent home straight afterwards, along with pretty much everyone else in the country (I'm assuming?). The airports over here got closed down, Buckingham Palace played the US's national anthem to comfort the Americans stranded here, the entire country went on red alert, and it was an all-around sad day for us too.

    Its kind of weird how I slept through something that pretty much still affects everyone to this day, and has put everyone on the edges of their seats for the past fourteen years.
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  11. I was working at a Brick Oven restaurant (in Western Massachusetts). I opened that day, so I figure it was probably around 9:10am (eastern) that I turned on the bars TV and switched it to the news, so I could listen to it while I prepped the line (we had an open line, so the customers could watch us making the pizza). I think I was setting up the brick oven, when I heard about a second jet crashing. The bar area (having the only TV) had never been so packed with people, while also being so quiet, for the entire day.

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  12. I was not even 4 months old. Don't remember anything.
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  13. I was driving to work when the news came on the radio that that an airplane had crashed into one of the towers. When I left my car after parking it and going went into where I work everyone was talking about the second plane flying into the other tower. You could barely get any news at first because like cnn.com was sooo flooded ya couldn't hit their site for information.
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  14. At home getting new carpet fitted.
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  15. I remember it like yesterday... 31 years old and I had a rather rough year. Didn't have much time for vacations (planned a vacation to Berlin, that didn't work out (fortunately that happened a few years later)) and at one point my parents had their caravan placed in a camping in Ruurlo (small place in the Netherlands, in the region called / nicknamed 'De Achterhoek' ('back corner') which is also one of my favorite regions to go to).

    And because of my lousy vacation they offered me a few days as well, which I took. I carefully planned and eventually decided I'd go there using my scooter instead of anything else and in general I really enjoyed the freedom.

    Yah, and for reasons I dunno I decided that day to dig up the small black and white (tube) tv we had there, hook it up and watch the news. That's where I learned about this horrible attack. It looked so unreal....

    That was the kind of stuff you expected in a disaster movie, not something you'd see on the news :(
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  16. I was too young to remember it, being on 2 at the time, but my mom has told me where we were when it happened.
    We were driving from Eastern Oregon up to Seattle to visit my moms friend who lived there. We were listening to CDs, so we didn't hear about it on the radio. We didn't find out what had happened until we got to my moms fiends house. When we went in she was really freaked out and she had to explain to my mom what had happened in New York.
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  17. I was in high school.
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  18. I was in middle school at the time. Our principal came in and told us about it and we immediately switched on the TV, which I am incredibly grateful for. We watched with horror at the scene of the first plane's smoldering wreck and continued from there. The TVs were left on the entire rest of the day. Some kids went home but most stayed. There was more teaching done that day than what would have been crammed into the entire year without it. It was petrifying but made us incredibly grateful of what we have. We had a new understanding of community and the sacrifice that community members make. It was a horrible day, but we continued to watch throughout the year as out of those ashes rose a greater, stronger, more appreciative nation.
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