Where is the reset?

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  1. Hello, I thought I had read that a spawn reset was going to happen (150 blocks from the safe zone). It hasn't happened on utopia as of yet and just wondered if it is still going to happen? Thanks,

  2. They did them a couple days or so ago. But sadly it doesn't look like it because people rushed right out and dug them back up.
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  3. I wish people would just leave it alone
  4. The tunnels I dug near the main spawn in utopia wild are still there... all the structures are also there.
  5. A lot of the utopia ones didn't need doing because they weren't messy :D
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  6. cool... now i can put my stuff back. :)
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  7. I was scared at first when I saw the altered terrain near the spawn because I had a perfect underground setup leading to my nether railway to my base far far away, but thankfully it was still intact. I just had to dig down to it again. :)
  8. Oh, is that where the 20 DC's of cobble went?
  9. They did not do them all! smp6 has not been done from what I have seen on live map so far
  10. I've only got about 4 chests of cobble so far (i relocated them when word came down about reset)... it's taking so long because my real world greenhouse project is keeping me so busy. Next time you catch me online I'll show you where I'm keeping the cobble. :)