Where I go to mine.

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  1. My little base for mining on SMP9 =)
    2015-02-08_19.31.41.jpg 2.jpg
  2. Ha ha ha, so now I feel quite "newbish" with mine ;) Very good looking indeed!

    What I build was a 6x4 room which has several chests (and the furnaces) put at the side, a door in front and a large tunnel downwards (obviously). Your room obviously looks a lot more appealing ;)
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  3. That looks cool! Is this in the wastelands or in the frontier?
    Oh, and I love that sapling texture!

    Was that intended? :p
  4. OMG, the sapling texture IS adorable!

    That's a hardcore mining base you got there. :)
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  5. i usually make my base at bedrock so i don't have to run back and forth:

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