Where has Legit been: A rant

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  1. Once upon a time there was a person named Mrlegitislegit. He still exists but he existed in the past too. Mrlegitislegit was a person on EMC, becoming known for spamming the forums with pointless things to get his post count up and whatda you know, it worked. He eventually became an actual productive person on the site and server. Then he quit, and came back, and quit again, and came back. He's still here, kinda, but his interest has been going away, so I present to you, the one and only, MRLEGITISLEGIT!

    Umm, thanks random voice narrating this post in my head. So where have I been, and why does it seem I only post to my picture thread now? This is due to a few things, like school, my new job, and also my lacking of interest in the current EMC community, which is what this post is about.

    I feel the site is lacking it's community now, or at least it's lacking the community it once had. It doesn't feel like anyone actually has any connections with each other. We're all just random people who post random threads and random posts to those random threads. There never seems to be any community run contests or events anymore, we all just wait for the mods to set them up for us.

    We've also lost our old jokes and quips about the server and site, some of them because they stopped being funny, like "Aikar ruined the economy" but also because they simply stopped being jokes and became the reality like "The Dragon Tombs are never going to come out." This wouldn't be a problem but we have nothing to replace them with because it feels like nothing ever happens as a community to give us something to replace them with.

    The Wild community had also changed. While, thankfully, we've stopped with all the bullshit (Can I use that?) government fights, it seems we've now just STOPPED interacting with other camps. So it's gone from being a wild community, to a wild "war", to an isolated wild. The answer to stopping fights in the wild isn't to not talk but to keep talking but in a kind manner.

    In short I've been less and less active because the community seems to keep slowing down, it's becoming less fun to play because of that.
  2. I agree with the feeling that not many people have connections with each other. I don't know how the community used to be, but I've heard a lot of older members say what you are saying. I think part of the problem is that the older members like to stick together, which is fine of course, but that kind of isolates newer members who eventually drop off. And while I appreciate what events the mods do put on for us, I also agree that there should be more events. I've talked to neighbors on smp8 about getting together and doing something, but none of them really want to put the effort into doing it.
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  3. Maybe we need to make an EMC group called the Event Hosting Society
  4. I think something like that is a great idea. Especially getting members from each smp. I switch back and forth between smp8 and smp7 as I live on smp8 and have a wild base on smp7. The more members the easier it is to have bigger events. I like giving back to the community, since a lot of people helped me out when I was new to EMC.
  5. Well, inside of the group, we would need a very rich, generous person.. :p
  6. Hashhog3000, mman2833 and I once co-owned and founded an event group called the SSSS (Super-sweet shindig shaker-uppers) which hosted events, however we never got to doing more than 1 event. I hope to perhaps revive it again sometime soon.
  7. I think one of the main culprits related to the lack of a connected community on the site is Mumble. As soon as a sociable member is spotted, they are brought over to the Mumble side of EMC and often times don't come back. Back in the day (shakes cane at the sky), the old Mumble group maintained an active presence on the site and Mumble, but they are gone now. The new Mumble group consists of (this is just an observation in general) the "younger" side of gaming that cringes when they have to type out a lengthy message. Thus they stay mostly in Mumble.

    "Early" Minecraft adopters are a different breed from the current ones. We were influenced by articles, informational videos (read: helpful videos, not skydoesminecraft), word-of-mouth, and the never ending search for the best sandbox game out there.

    The new waves of Minecraft players are influenced by "reality tv" genre Minecraft videos, console ports, and small web advertisements.

    Obviously that doesn't explain everything, but it can be used to observe a pattern of change in both Minecraft players and EMC forum activity.
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  8. Wouldn't that be SSSSU? :p
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  9. Not really. I think when people think of events they only think of drop parties, which are expensive to put on (if the drops are decent). I actually prefer other types of events outside of drop parties.
  10. Yea, but you still need a little bit of rupees to get good looking blocks for events.
  11. Well, if you get a group together as you suggested and everyone pitches in, it shouldn't be too bad.
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  12. I would love to see more community hosted events. It's one of the reasons that I enjoy FNM so much. It's kicked off by staff, but after that, it's something the community takes over and shapes in our own image. There is minimal staff involvement after the event starts. In fact, the entire event itself was started by someone who (at the time) was non-staff. It shows just how powerful this community can be.
  13. No offense, but I've been to FNM twice since I started EMC, and I have to say this is the biggest example of older members/cliques sticking together. No one even responds to you if you have a question. Both times I've left within an hour of the event starting.
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  14. When FNM originally started it was more of what I wanted it to be, ( I am founder of FNM if anyone doesnt know) a small group of people 15-20~ and everyone was in a group and had great communication. I was non-staff back then so I had no other responsibilities except replying to messages, but nowadays at FNM the people running it get barraged with PMs and chat messages and it is really hard to keep up with everyone.

    This weekend I'm going to work on some more community friendly events that are better for larger groups of people and easier to be held.
  15. I understand that and I don't expect staff to be able to respond immediately/whenever. I'm just saying even having conversation with regular members is difficult because everyone sticks to their group of people, which sort of defeats the purpose of it being a community event. I can stay in town on smp8 and talk to my friends, but I get out and go to things to meet other people from other smps.
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  16. The community is lacking for sure. I remember playing MC even when it got boring because of the community, now if I get bored I go watch a movie. I cannot play for more than a little bit because I hate playing alone, which results in trying to find new friends... but the players out there now... "PM me for job" and "I need rupees". I have had many friends on EMC, we have done projects together, but now those people are gone for the most part.

    The reason not many people host community events or projects IS the community. I could go build a neat public ender grinder for everyone to use, but I wont because of griefing. There is a reason why any mob farm or OP farm is over 30k blocks in the wild.

    As for events, I blame the "Higher Staff (SR+)".... Not pointing fingers, but we used to have a hell of a time with death events. 20 withers at once? NICE, 20 nether stars! I have heard that death events are now nerfed so that if you kill a wither there is a chance you wont get a star, whats the point then? The last major event (I am excluding FNM and MA) was that scavenger hunt Krysyy did, I liked that event but even then... nothing super special. People want something special.

    I remember the day I joined EMC, I hopped into smp5 and my friends guided me through the tutorial (In all honesty... I should have done it myself because it would have helped me that one time....)...60/60 slots full ALL DAY LONG. People were iron supporter then just to be able to play. Then I remember my first death event, I took off with 12 nether stars (I literally had like no money back then), I was able to make 10k a pop on those stars which gave me a great start on EMC.

    Glad to see you again legit.

    #Rant #Yolo #Sw4g #Hashtag
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  17. There was a nice fishing event recently. I thought it was pretty cool. Felt like decent community. It was a competition. I can't remember who all was there, but I had fun.

    Competitions are fun and I think some kind of party can be fun. I don't know how you do a party on minecraft and have people on different servers of different ages mixing, but I imagine it can't be that hard.

    Count me in for help if you want to start organizing things or building for an event.
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  18. They were nerfed so that we could bring more to the party without players being upset that millions of rupees worth of items were just 'handed out' because in big death events, the mobs usually kill each other as well as the players. There are still plenty of stars given out, if you survive long enough to grab them and make it to an enderchest before something else gets you. I'd estimate probably 1/3 withers has a star and with the hundreds of withers spawned, they add up quick.

    As for wanting something special, we just did a giant 2 day event that included giving a LOT of vouchers for free memberships away and included a brand new design so that everyone could participate, even those in the oddest of timezones. How is that not special?
  19. Wow, that doesn't seem fun at all.
  20. Forgot about 300k member event :/