When will the Tutorial be complete?

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  1. I made this in misc as it is just a question.

    When will the Tutorial 3.0 4.0 be complete? Is there an ETA?
  2. I don't like the current tutorial. Everybody just wants to cut to the chase.
  3. Tutorial 4.0*
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  4. Back in my day, we didn't have none of them fancy holograms you youngins have, we had to wander aimlessly through a maze, and dagnamit, we liked it that way.
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  5. I don't think we're that young-en, but i completely agree to your statement. Is it possible there can be a regular tutorial and then advanced one?
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  6. There was a problem. The tutorial can be easily solved by a X-ray hacker
  7. Perhaps you haven't sensed the tongue-in-cheek element to that post of mine. :)
  8. and then that player gets banned. win-win situation.
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  9. I remember those good old days! Almost quit the tutorial but din't!
  10. I especially liked it when you went backwards and the chat was all like, "Hey, silly, where's y'all goin'?" :p
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  11. Back in my day we actually learned EMC exclusive commands in the tutorial.
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  12. 2014-06-10_00.39.43.png
    ahh, the memories.
    (totes didn't cheat to get in)
  13. How did you do that?
  14. *Sighs* I remember when I did that once. Don't tell Aikar. :p
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  15. 2014-06-09_19.45.16.png
    The old tutorial is still around :p
  16. How do I get in?
  17. head to smp8, I can show you to the viewing area lol
  18. I remember that. The endless sandstone maze.