When the Grief is sickening...

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  1. I use a public nether Utility for stress revealing mob killing downtime.

    The facility was GRIEFED twice in a four/five day span.

    Nether chests, beds, and wooden chest were taken the first time. Along with minor destruction.
    (Staff took care of it)

    The second GRIEFING i found today had happened.

    Glass blocks, Irons door, and iron pressure plates were take. Along with a lot of slab stone damage.
    (Staff took care of it)

    I only wanted to release some stress by kiling wither skeletons and killing Blazes.
    unfortunately the damage made me sick..............WHY GRIEF ANYTHING...............

    I replaced everything that made the facility nonfunctional................

    Those are just a few of the signs i posted, showing when things were replaced. In an attempt to deter future griefers from the act of griefery.
  2. some people just like to watch the world burn unfortunately
  3. Thanks for trying to do something against the griefers. :)

    Is there still a craftbox? I thougth that was to the right of the enderchest, but I could of course be wrong. :p
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  4. no, it's on the other side of the chests.
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  5. made the light show different. No more, dark pink and black. It's Blue time.................
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  6. Ya I posted a sign like this once. The griefing posted his own sign saying 'Ok'. He won that round...
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  7. the anti grief update is super close, hold tight a little longer!
  8. I'm glad people love the farm we put together. A nice place to just grind away for loot with a pal, none-afk. Nice to see also people taking care of it. So little time these days.
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  9. Yes! mahahahahahha!

    Also if you need anything to fix it up pm me and I can help supply the materials
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  10. On that sign, it says “I will h***** for staff”, but that h word has been blocked by purple particles. What is that word?
  11. It says " I will hound the staff if anything gets griefed. " meaning i'll bug them until the problems addressed and the people responsible are banned.
  12. Man this is sooo awesome!
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  13. If anti grief is only for established outposts I'm going to rage.
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  14. I believe anti greifing is for everyone, If you place certain blocks they are automatically protected. Land claiming I'm not sure
  15. Someones gonna wall up the outposts...
  16. I don't know, i feel if the signs are updated via dates it may show people that these places are in use. It might stop newer players from thinking they can damage this area without repercussions. ( That's my 2 cents on don't grief signs.)
  17. Yeah, any public build is mentally tiring keeping up with the grief, I feel like I've done 100+ reports so far. Sure, it's less than 2% of people that grief, but since you don't see the ones that silently pass it feels like the world has gone to crap.

    This anti griefing could be pretty incredible... A whole new world of EMC