What's your main goal in life?

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  1. Recently, I've been thinking, what's the point of living? I have no goal in life, even if I try to find one, it's not worth achieving. Just because of this problem, I can't eat or sleep well, and I can't focus on things I need to finish, and end up doing it at the last minute. I need ideas on what to achieve, something that's worth achieving, not something like get first in 100m sprint or get A+ in maths. I need ideas , hopefully I can find one in this thread.
  2. My main goal is to become either a pro basketball or baseball player. im pretty good at both, in basketball im best in my town!:D if that doesnt happen, an architect is what i want to be!
  3. be happier then anyone in my family
    *correction: Die happier then anyone in my family ever is :D with a smile on my face and two fingers up
  4. I believe that my purpose in life is to serve and follow God. I have lots of earthly goals as well, such as a career in computer science, buying a house, getting into University of Washington, etc. but all of those pale in comparison.
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  5. My life has already been decided by my parents...get into this school, become a lawyer, get rich, get a house, get happy....it's not fun at all doing what you don't want to do, especially if they force you to read and do homework..
  6. I want to be a basketball player, I play in the state team
  7. well the reason god put us on this landscape that we humans call earth is to survive, breed, die, then our kids survive, breed, die, and so on so forth
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  8. Coast Guard Helicopter Pilot.
  9. Main goal in life. Well i have no goals in life. I dont see the point in setting goals. But i set my self challenges much better way for me. :confused:

    If i had a main goal it would be - To rule plante earth . :eek:
  10. To be head of a games company to show them some good ideas for games :p
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  11. I don't have one. I just try to make the most of my time here in the universe. I simply try to be healthy, happy, entertained, in good company, enjoy my job and all those other positive words and phrases you'd use to describe a good life. :p

    Luckily for me, being in a good mood is my natural state, and I'm rarely feeling down. Mostly I try to avoid boredom. That's the only thing that gets me down if it goes on long enough.

    I do have some "overreaching" goals in my life, but they're not my main focus. For instance, I'd like to be fluent (or at least semi-fluent) in ten languages before I die... but it's not a driving force in my day-to-day existence. I'd also like to have a license for all kinds of vehicles, cars, buses, motor cycles, semis, etc. Again, though, not a "main goal."

    For me, a specific "main goal" would probably get in my way. I don't want to lock myself into a specific way of life or being, just to make some arbitrary goal. I live life on as much of a day-to-day basis as I can, only planning for very serious things that cannot or should not be done spontaneously, like vacations, (saves money planning, plus I need to get time off work, and so on) things other people plan, like birthday parties, and specific-time-of-year events, like Christmas.

    I should probably mention that I didn't get this attitude towards life until sometime in my early twenties... I don't know how old you are, but making an educated guess places you in your early teens or perhaps even slightly earlier. I think it's a bit early to worry about life goals at that age, but to each their own. At that age, I was mostly concerned with girls, video games and hanging out with my friends. :p
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  12. Yes! I forgot to mention that in my post, but I agree completely with Laurencem17. Instead of having a main goal, set yourself smaller challenges. Then, once you've met them, set up some new ones, preferably slightly more difficult ones as time goes on, so you get to improve at whatever you're doing. I do this all the time, I just forgot to mention it because it's almost second-nature by now. This way, you have something to reach for, like with a main goal, but you get to accomplish things often, and if there's one you cannot meet for whatever reason, it's not going to "ruin" your whole life by being some kind of "main life goal" being struck down. Instead, just set up a new and improved challenge, and go at it again.
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  13. I was asking myself this question for many years. It is hard to see the answer because it is so simple, and perhaps because of many distractions. :)

    Basically that + plus the most important thing:


    Notice that this holds no matter how you define God or god(s) and whether you are religious or not.
    Love anything and everything what made you what you are - a human person,
    whether you call it God or not.

    Some people will say "go to heaven" (and many misunderstand that) :D
    (I reject nihilism.)
    But, with the dawn of astronautics, this gets a very fresh and interesting meaning. :)


    Step further, you recognize that you can achieve something meaningful in the life only through the people around you and the people who will follow, most prominently your kids.
    Love your next as yourself! :)

    With this two insights, there is not much standing in way of true

    PEACE and JOY!
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  14. Hm....I'm starting to think...:)
  15. Change the world, completely and utterly. Uproot the classic division of nationality causing ourselves to be conquered by ourselves, and replace it with a realisation across the world that we as a species united are more powerful than as we are now, divided into 200 countries.
  16. Life is a love story. I want to fall deeper in love.
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  17. I have no main goals in life.
  18. Well, same main purpose! I was planning to say that too:)
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  19. If you enjoy minecraft, building and crafting and creating, like I do, I want to become some sort of engineer. It seems like an interesting path to choose that involves lots of creativity. I want to become the best at it. :)
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