Whats Wrong with EMC?!

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  1. Hello all EMC players. Through out my time on EMC I have noticed one major problem. Several people cussing and cheating other people. So what could any of us do about it? I would like anyone with a idea to please respond with your idea! I want this to be a eye opener for the staff here on EMC, I love EMC but this is it's only problem please help make EMC better!
  2. If a player is cussing, you should /report them for violating the rules. Same applies for cheating.
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  3. Yes I know but the staff don't do enough!
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  4. Just type /staff and see if any are on any servers, and then go there and get them to come to your server,
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  5. They do as much as they humanly can.
  6. So why don't we get more staff members?
  7. I believe they are working on that.
  8. It's not as easy as just adding a new staff member. It's finding someone dedicated, trusting and professional for the position.
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  9. Because EMC's whole moderation backend is designed to, within reason, not need that if players are using their tools properly.
  10. I'll defend the Staff Team because I think they're doing their job correctly. You suggest that they add new staff members - one dishonest staff member can wreck the Empire - SheIsNice pointed out that adding new staff isn't easy and takes lots of effort. However, you can expect new staff members soon (source: krysyy).

    If you have problems with a player, and you used /report, it's best to PM a moderator on the site with screenshot evidence. However, just because you catch a player breaking chat rules it's hard to kick an hour or two later - punishments need to be prompt. They don't really work if players are being kicked five hours later for spamming.

    Also, if there's a certain staff member who you feel is not doing their job properly, please private message krysyyjane9191 and Maxarias instead of creating a thread. You should probably PM the Community Managers if you feel like staff aren't doing their job to the fullest with your full concerns on the topic. Perhaps the forums wasn't the best place to post this?
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  11. There's nothing wrong with swearing as long as it doesn't violate certain parts (Racial slurs, f - bomb, etc.)
    But words like s*** and d*** are allowed, and krysyy has confirmed that they are allowed as long as they aren't excessive.
  12. Scams can't be prosecuted without evidence (or else someone can just claim someone they don't like is scamming). Also, please check the rules on swear words as some 'PG' content is allowed. (It's in the rules.)

    I have been very pleased with the staff here and if you don't like it I suggest you try some other servers for a few days. You'll be very glad when you come back.
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  13. There is going to be people who do things that they arent suppose to, everywhere. Its just life, and like someone said, staff do their best.
  14. Ok you all got a point. But it seems like they (all the jerks in EMC) all come after me. I am nice I as would be until they cheat me or screw me over. If someone could help me that would be great.
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  15. If you report them, they would be handled ASAP. The staff will do whatever they need to to keep you happy.
  16. i cant get in game right now but when i can we can talk :) i know exactly how you feel
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  17. The staff do a ton for this server!:):)
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  18. When you see a rule being broken, do a /report with the playername.
    Some 'issues' take longer than others, however we do keep an eye on them and take appropriate action.
    If things are borderline, do /staff, see who is on and get them!
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  19. Im really happy to hear from a moderator. I will keep that in mind and do that the next time that happens. Thanks for the info
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  20. If ANYONE (staff included if that's an issue) is being rude or cheating you, please message me privately. I can look into it. No player should ever feel attacked on our servers.
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