Whats under your property?

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  1. I was testing out a new texture pack Im making, and I was embarrased at everything Ive dug in my property over time. I had some bad render lag and saw everything I dug here. If youd like to show me what youve dug, PM me and show some pictures.

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  2. That is considered an x-ray texture pack. Please cease and desist all use of this on EMC. If you need to test a texture pack, please do that on single player.
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  3. Actually if what he said is true than you are false. It was lag not X-Ray.
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  4. Actually..

    I can tell by looking a the picture that is not render lag. Render lag would fail to render the chunk, not just render a ladder without rending the block its on. So...

    I understand you may be making a new texture pack, but I would advise testing it on a singleplayer game rather than EMC... just FYI.. call me nice.. but this is an automatically bannable offense, and you should correct it immediately.
  5. "Actually IF...."
  6. what?
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  7. My post states that IF what he said is true that it is render lag. I don't say it is X-Ray or not I simply say that if what he says is true than it is lag.
  8. Its not an X-ray texture pack. I try to stay clean on servers I care about.
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  9. calm down man. Im just saying that you needed to correct it. If you are working with a texture pack creation, that could easily have been the issue if you missed any blocks (dirt maybe?) anyways. I will take your word for it.
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  10. Heres the pack. terrain.png
  11. I didnt mean to post that file.
    Its the wrong version of the textures.
  12. Sorry about acting like that. Im just a little frustrated right now because of school.
  13. Please edit your posts instead of posting multiple ones.
  14. the florescent blue is a nice touch. very clean looking
  15. Sorry, I dont know how to edit my posts.
  16. Can everyone just forget that this post ever exhisted?
  17. There should be an Edit next to Report under your post
  18. I can see things in that pic of your textures from different texture packs that I think are copyright...
  19. A lot of people take things from other packs and edit them into theirs. They do give credit. Example:

    I may have three packs that I use but like certain things in each so I might edit them together to make it look how I want/need it to look. Most packs either look horrible to me or are too dark for me to see items in my inventory/chests etc.
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