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  1. edit: changing wording of the original thread to avoid confusion
    This is a texturepack built by our own battmeghs, using popular textures from other popular packs plus some of her own created textures.

    It is 64x HD resolution so it requires MCPatcher or Optifine to use.

    I am going to test this out on my client now, and this will be linked in the Texture Pack thread as well. :)

    Download link

    Alternate Download Link 1

    Alternate Download Link 2
  2. *Click download link*
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  3. I think Yukon1200 uses this too (I think he got it from her a while ago). I could be wrong though. Either way, I love it! I'll download it, and you may see it in the MineCast when we start up again in a few weeks. Awesome job Battmeghs!
  4. how do i download from 4 shared?
  5. No pics?
  6. Is it an HD texture pack?
  7. yes, it is a HD texture pack. ^.^

    i can post pictures if you wish.
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  8. Dang it. Sorry, I don't "do" HD. XD
  9. how do i download it?
  10. Wow. This texture pack totally astounded me. Hats off to you, Meghan.

    *Takes off hat*
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  11. Doesn't work for me.
  12. thank you :)
  13. I love this Meghs! I am so downloading it right now. :) :) It's awesome
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  14. If anyone can't download from this site, I will try to find more free hosting... I don't have a paid account. Maybe someone here will host it for battmeghs as a favor. ;)
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  15. if someone can't downloaded i can always just email it to them, just pm, i don't mind :)
  16. Hosting it on DropBox at
    When you click the link, it will instantly download it to your downloads folder.

    EDIT: Twitch, you might want to swap the 4 share link with this one.
  17. the cobble is teh same as from the soartex fanver texture pack. YAY !!!
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