What's this stuff worth now?

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  1. Please don't ask to buy anything. I'm only wondering how a portion of my collection has gained value over time. Price checks only :)

    I'm looking for both individual and total prices.

    ICC Eggnog
    Maxarian Shoes
    Lucky Bow x77
    Dasher x14
    Dancer x55
    Rudolph x3
    Ore Buster x15
    100k items (27 of each piece and 2DC of the picks, cba to list them out)
    ICC Cake Voucher x2
    Dragon Poop
    Super Dragon Poop x2
    Headless Horseman Mask 2014 x47
    Haunted Head x28
    Cupid Bundle x7
    Trick or Treat Bundle x15
    Independence Day Armor (6 sets)
    DC of various haunted candy
    Rememberence Poppy 2014 x32
    Unused Incitatus x3
    Pot of Gold x25
    Cupid Bow x27
    Used Ore Buster x3
    Beacon x22
  2. maybe 5 or 6 hundred r, but I'll give you a great deal and give you 800r for them! JK I'll price these later
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  4. Are the ore buster x 15 used ?
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  5. I paid 1.5 million for maxarian shoes, but I've been told they're worth more.
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  6. They are not.
    Since you insist I must be egotistical and/or lazy to post my own price check, here's a few things you may want to consider:

    - Different people have different opinions and it's best to average all of them to get a good medium price. There can't be one single list that is totally correct.

    - There's no harm in asking for multiple opinions. It's not like it costs anything to do a price check, it's something to do if a both kind and bored person wants to do something and it benefits me by giving me different opinions without any loss to the other party.

    - And besides.. If I were trying to show off, I could have put a lot more. I only put the things that had a chance in going up in value since I was active. :cool:

    Now, please take your pick between either accepting one of those reasons or drifting along my thread :)
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  8. ICC Eggnog - 2.5 Mill
    Maxarian Shoes - 3 mil (Only Few Out there)
    Lucky Bow - 55k
    Dasher - 50k
    Dancer - 40-60k
    Rudolph - 225k
    Ore Buster - 550k
    100k items - 15-30k
    ICC Cake Voucher - 250k
    Dragon Poop - 45k
    Super Dragon Poop - 45k
    Headless Horseman Mask 2014 - 40-50k
    Haunted Head - 50-60k
    Cupid Bundle - 60k
    Trick or Treat Bundle - 50-60k
    Independence Day Armor - 100-120 Per Item
    DC of various haunted candy - 30-50r Per
    Rememberence Poppy 2014 - 25k
    Unused Incitatus - 450k
    Pot of Gold- 35-40k
    Cupid Bow 5-13k
    Used Ore Buster - Depends on Used, Slightly 450k, heavy 150k
    Beacon - 15-18k
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  9. Just thought id Mention most prices i said are from things That sold
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  10. Bump a few more opinions would be good.
  11. I won't try to buy anything, but dude, you are loaded.
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  12. I'm sure you know the prices of these just as well as I do, but I'll add my opinion anyway :p

    ICC Eggnog - 3 mil
    Maxarian Shoes - 2 mil
    Lucky Bow x77 - 100k per
    Dasher x14 - 50k per
    Dancer x55 - 50k per
    Rudolph x3 - 250k per
    Ore Buster x15 - 600k per
    100k items (27 of each piece and 2DC of the picks, cba to list them out) - 20-30k per piece
    ICC Cake Voucher x2 - 200k per
    Dragon Poop - 65k per
    Super Dragon Poop x2 - 60k per
    Headless Horseman Mask 2014 x47 - 30k per
    Haunted Head x28 - 40k per
    Cupid Bundle x7 - 60k per
    Trick or Treat Bundle x15 - 60k per
    Independence Day Armor (6 sets) - 100k per piece of armour perhaps
    DC of various haunted candy - is this even worth anything anymore? :rolleyes:
    Rememberence Poppy 2014 x32 - 20k per
    Unused Incitatus x3 - 400k per
    Pot of Gold x25 - 35k per
    Cupid Bow x27 - 15k per
    Used Ore Buster x3 - heavily depends on usage and seller/buyer
    Beacon x22 - 16k per
  13. Can i sell you a dragon poop :p ;)
  14. I posted that back in January. Now that the 400k member event has introduced many new Dragon Poops and Super Dragon Poops into the system, I don't think I'd buy for that price any more anyway :p Not right now anyway, but thanks :)
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  15. what have ore busters gone to now?
  16. They will be volatile for probably a month after the event, I'd guess it will fall between 400k-500k eventually.

    I ask that anyone else wanting a price make their own thread now, as this one is a bit old now :)
  17. What event? What's up with the Ore Busters?
    Edit: I... I found out O_o
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