[Price Check] My promo collection this year

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  1. So last year I did a price check, and I know prices have greatly changed since then, and thought I should have another one.
    (all unused unless stated)

    1. 3x Blizz ard nose
    2. 1x Blizz ard eye
    3. 1x Blizz ard nose
    4. 2x Dasher
    5. 2x Avalauncher 2014
    6. 2x Avalauncher(no date)
    7. 1x T Virus Vaccine(100k, but thought I would list it lol)
    8. 1x Maxarian Head
    9. 2x Ham Hacker
    10. 1x Lucky Bow
    11. 4x Magical Eggcelent Wand
    12. 2x Empire Firework 2015
    13. 3x Empire firework 2014
    14. 1x Iday Firework 2014
    15. 1x Empire firework Iday 2015
    16. 1x Empire firework 2013
    17. 1x Empire firework 2012
    18. 1x 2014 Birthday Cake
    19. 1x 2015 Birthday Cookie
    20. 1x 2015 Birthday Cake
    21. 32x Cooked turkey
    22. 3x Turkey slicer (drop)
    23. 1x Turkey Slicer 2013
    24. 6x Feast for a king
    25. 2x Dancer
    26. 2x Iron supporter voucher
    27. 2x Pi pie
    28. 3x Labor Bench 2015
    29. 1x Labor Bench 2014
    30. 3x Holiday Candle
    31. 1x Used Saltar
    32. 2x ESCD
    33. 1x Remembrance day poppy 2015
    34. 1x Remembrance day poppy 2014
    35. 2x Cupid
    36. 2x Pot of Gold
    37. 2x Trick or Treat bundle
    38. 5x Cupid's Bow
    39. 2x Cupid Bundle
    40. 2x Love potion No. 9
    41. 9 stacks Cupid Arrows
    42. 7x Meteor Bow
    43. 2x Spooky Egg
    44. 2x Headless Horseman Mask 2015
    45. 1x Headless Horseman Mask 2014
    46. 1x Haunted Head
    47. 2x Aikar New Years Head 2016
    48. 1x Headless Horseman Axe
    49. 1x Momentus Toothpick
    50. 2 sets 100k Armor
    51. 7x Mineral Mincer
    52. 2x Shear Madness
    53. 2x Sharpshooter
    54. 3x Chicken Skewer
  2. Like 15-20.
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  3. huh... half expected you to own some ore busters. :p
  4. When I see these threads, all I see is people wanting to brag about how many promos they have. Just FYI they are players out there that have 10 times what some of you show on your threads.
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  5. I am actually considering selling these :p Just want to see what I need to sell to get what.
  6. Hey Keliris! Please Pm Me, I will tell you the price. :)
  7. It would be most beneficial to post them here so other people can see it, doing it over pm also has the threat of them being wildly under-priced just so someone gets a better deal.
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