what we should add to servers!

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do u think we should have all these acomidations?

yes 3 vote(s) 9.4%
no 24 vote(s) 75.0%
kinda 5 vote(s) 15.6%
  1. hey everyone!! this forum is about what we should add on servers!!!! i think we should add more acomadies like:iron/gold farms (like on utopia) mob spawners so its easyer to get XP( like on utopia) and a house complex (like on smp9 in the wild)in the wild!! i think all servers should have this in the wild! comment what u think!!!!!
  2. If the players wish to add it, then they're welcome to. It's something that's our responsibility, not the staff's. :)

    I like the idea of a giant potato though.
  3. ok jackbaggin i like the idea of a giant potato too!!lol! but i also think it would be easyer to have them already there
  4. You know that iron farm, the public mob grinders, and Endertopia on Utopia? They were built by players, not by the staff (well, Endertopia by players and staff playing as players - try saying that 10 times fast).

    So are the countless wild villages, such as the SMP9 bedrock road village, and the Last Light Outpost.

    Building the things are part of the fun. :)
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  5. I think we should add a huge free maze, that's why I am in the progress of making one right here: http://bit.ly/EMCMaze
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  6. Oh, and there was me thinking you were josh when I saw this thread lol

    But, let's also not forget that many players have set up public farms/gens on their res's for evryone to use.
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  7. the problem with all the things on utopia is, well that they are on utopia. most players are regulars and can't afford the gold and diamond supporters. They might also be not allowed to buy upgrades for games like supporter and vip.
  8. Public creations in Utopia Wild are built by supporters using their own time, effort and resources for other supporting players. It's up to them which server they build them on. However, there's nothing stopping people creating their own public utilities in the SMP Wilds - it's just up to the individual who's building it. :)

    It's not like all the public farms on Utopia were created as a perk or anything. They're just something that nice people have built over time.
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  9. i wish that people couldn't brake blocks that others broke.
  10. Wild area claiming is coming with Dragon Tombs for those who are brave and skilled enough to get an egg. Claimed areas can be protected by the egg owner from other players. :)
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  11. so you will need the egg to claim the land.
  12. Also there is the fact that there are generally a lot less griefings/stealing in the utopia wild, so players creations a generally a lot safer with the use of /map hide by almost all supporters and the other trustworthy supporters, However I'm not saying supporters are 'immune' from griefings and that 'normal' players aren't trustworthy it's just that if you are paying to support a server then you obviously like the server and follow the rules.
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  13. Yup. :)
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  14. Unless you're a rich kid and has hundreds of IP Adresses and thousands of MC accounts and Tons of Money for Supportership.

    Although if you're a rich kid it might be easier to get a 32 Gigabit Up and Down connection and DoS the servers...
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  15. The thing about this is, iron, gold and XP are not supposed to be easy to get. If everyone could get them easily without any effort, they would no longer be valuable.
  16. I dont like it, it would just make no sense making the staff do what griefers will destroy anyways.
  17. Iron Gold farms: No. A public Iron/Gold farm would kill the Iron and Gold industry.

    Mob Grinders: No. A public Mob grinder would kill the enchanting industry.

    A house complex: You mean wild camps, which people have been making since the beginning of EMC?
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  18. You're not going to like what's being built near endertopia then....
  19. I mean a staff one that couldn't be greifted. Not saying it being griefted would be a good way, but it has a risk of making one.
  20. The harder something is to attain, the more valuable it is. It keeps you motivated. It keeps a task fun. This is why people challenge themselves. For example: It doesn't feel good to get 100 dollars when you're a billonaire. But when you're below the poverty line 100 dollars could make your day or even change your life.