What US States are represented here on EMC?

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  1. I was just curious how many of the US States are represented here on EMC. I have a long running thread about what countries are represented here (I'm up to 28 so far). That thread can be found

    This time I'd like to see how many US States are represented. Can we get all 50?!? Feel free to tell us a little about your state, if you are originally from there, etc.

    I'll start, I'm from Florida, born & raised. I'm fairly close to most all of the major theme parks. I can remember watching the very first Space Shuttle launch (and not on a screen :D). I love the smell of orange blossoms in early fall. To those "northerners" who say Florida does not have seasons: I say you just have to live here to understand them. There is Lovebug season, Tourist season, Mosquito season, & Snowbird season. :D

    States represented:
    North Carolina
    New Hampshire
    South Carolina
    New York
    New Jersey
    West Virginia
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  2. Michigan.
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  3. North Carolina
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  4. New Hampshire

    because EVERYONE knows what the heck Pinkham Notch is!!1111!!!
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  5. Pennsylvania

    The area I'm from is known for bologna. I'm also very close to "The sweetest place on Earth" otherwise known as Hershey. PA is a relatively quiet state in my opinion, there usually aren't any crazy news stories that come out of PA. We also have a lot of Amish people around me, which is more an inconvenience than anything.
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  6. *googles "Pinkham Notch"*

  7. One of me favorite ski areas :)

    Like you'd be likely to know... :p
  8. What the heck is all that white stuff? Where is the lake you ski on? I don't see a lake or any body of water for you to ski.
  9. Alabama boissss!!!!!!! Everyone knows Dat Boi prefers it in Bama.
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  10. Virginia :D I know Techninja and Elite also come from VA

    Edit: Apparently Eves does too :D
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  11. I will continue to edit the OP & update the list. The list will be in the order in which the States ate posted. If you see I've updated the list and missed your state, please let me know.
  12. Depends on what you mean... when I was younger, my father was in the military so we moved around a lot. Where was I born? Where was my favorite place to live? Where do most of my family live? Where do I live now?

    I'll just say Ohio because that's a good enough answer for now...
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  13. Illinois
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  14. Well then... I was going to say North Carolina and Alabama, but they're both up there... Less work for me, I guess.
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  15. Arkansas
    Only other person on EMC in Arkansas (that I know of) is ulti
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  16. CT... the place where everything costs 2 times as much as everywhere else.
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  17. Washington!
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  18. I second that
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  19. DC or State? :p

    Well, I will still represent Washington State and North Carolina.

    Lived in Northern Seattle area till I was 10, but then moved to North Carolina due to family reasons. I am currently still in North Carolina but will be moving to Georgia for flight attendance school then 100% will be moving back to Seattle to permanently live there or London, not 100% sure! :p:D
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  20. California
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