What To Do With Dragon Eggs?

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  1. Pascal......that hurt my eyes.
  2. no......murderer!
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  3. Did I just see this... xD
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  4. There is now 129 dragon eggs in exsistance

    Someone update the wiki
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  5. JackBiggin lost one so make that 128... ;)
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  6. Illuminati Confirmed
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  7. Rest in peace all 5 beautyful dragon eggs
  8. What the heck is wrong with you?
  9. I...
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  10. MONSTER!
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  11. I think that's enough EMC for one day.
    *Goes in corner and cries*
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  12. There is a like button but what we need right now is a not like button
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  13. pascalll i wanted to buy one :O that just made me loose all respect for you lelele xD :O
  14. ] ]

    They could have grown up and been pretty dragons.
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  15. I'm really going to hope this was on a singleplayer world :eek:
  16. Caden ninja'd you by 40 minutes :p