what the hell?

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  1. there's an adventure map called atmosFear which needs a resource pack. here's what happens when i try it out on emc 2015-04-12_18.24.51.png
  2. The map depends on items that Vanilla Minecraft doesn't have, which is why recourse packs are used. The creator can add many new blocks and items by retexturing existing ones. So, iron blocks may be computers (a block not in MC) so you'll have a beacon drawing power off of computers.
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  3. the block was stained glass at /v Ben3400 on smp8
  4. That just looks like a re texture for paintings
    EDIT: same thing applies but for stained glass
  5. the map is pretty good. i understand why you need the resource pack.
  6. It's almost as if the resource pack was made for an adventure map.
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  7. It IS made for an adventure map. lol
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  8. Then why is there an issue that requires a 'what the hell'? :p
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  9. wow....xD but please watch the um language.....(the title)
  10. That's my mixtape turned into video form. (I tried, now I'll hide in shame)
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  11. isn't "hell" not mild language? :confused:
  12. Sounds pretty mild to me.
  13. Hell is allowed. Hell, I wouldn't even call it mild language, just normal language. I can't actually think of any context where I'd consider it even iffy...
  14. You're a hell.
  15. any grammatically correct context where I'd consider it even iffy* :p
  16. I'll accept the fact that "hell" is allowed, but I won't accept someone saying something like "Go to hell"
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  17. Basing this on PG age rating alone, in the UK at least, I'm 99% sure "go to hell" is considered PG (going on the basis that BBC R1 is PG, which I'm fairly sure it is) - although the US does seem to be waaay more oversensitive about that sorta stuff. However, if directed at another person on EMC, it's a rule break.