what the hell?

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  1. because i didn't see that "image" in the adv. map. :p
  2. well, did this turn into a rules lesson? :confused:
  3. Somewhere I heard that even if it is mild language, being rude is not allowed. I believe "go to hell" would be considered rude.
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  4. Hell is a place go to the nether and f3
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  5. Bottom line is that it was not necessary, particularly in the title of the thread. I can't help but think that maybe it was used in this way specifically to obtain this type of response. Many people, like myself, are on this server so we don't have to have to deal with profanity and still play multiplayer minecraft. Not trying to be a pain, just saying.
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  6. It looks like a broken TV screen.
  7. Let's just stop complaining about the title and actually talk about the thread XD
  8. guys, please note I did not use the phrase "go to hell", I said "what the hell", JackBiggin said it was fine as long as it wasn't directed to someone else on EMC, which it wasn't. "What the hell", described my reactions to that weird thing that the resource pack changed stained glass too.
    you should also note that JackBiggin is a former moderator.. but you guys should know that already.. xD
  9. good idea.
  10. Well, you were technically offending the block... So, don't be rude to blocks either ;-;