What Should My Shop Be Made Of?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by zh88, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Well the title pretty much says it. I need ideas for my shop. Anyone got any? So what should it be made of?
  2. Diamonds to match your name :p
  3. I wish
  4. That would be cool too!:p
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  5. Dirt and Cobble. My building at 10101 is made of this except since I had some money, I even used a little bit of wooden PLANKS :cool:
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  6. I was thinking something a little more decorative. Even though ill probably go broke making it.
  7. Stone bricks
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  8. Emerald blocks!
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  9. Yeah maybe
  10. That would look even better than the diamond blocks
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  11. Stone bricks are too overdone IMO.
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  12. yeah they kinda are
  13. Hardened clay and stone brick variants
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  14. You mean too mainstream?
  15. My signature pretty much says it all.

    I will definitely shop at your shop if you make it out of melons.
    They can be pretty cheap and look amazing.
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  16. Not exactly. IMO, something can be mainstream and still look nice. But stonebricks have been around so long that they have just been used so much, too much to my liking.
  17. They need like multicolored stone bricks.
  18. Trap doors. All trap doors
  19. Chests and trapped chests! It would not only be cool looking, it would be functional as a massive storage device for restocking!
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