What should Mojang add to Minecraft in future updates?

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  1. What should Mojang add to minecraft in future updates?
  2. Some sort of vehicle like a small buggy that you can travel faster with. Or maybe dragons you could fly on or something of that nature. Even the ability to control a pig you are riding :)
  3. i want to sail my pirate ship.
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  4. Red Dragons

    They are coming.
    (And I STILL want to be able to use Minecarts as Lavaboats. :()
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  5. Rattlesnakes. He's been trying to use every other stereotypically frightening thing for hostile mobs, why not this one? we have the undead, we have skeletons, we have rotting flesh, we have spiders (such a common, common fear), why not its cousin in the phobia world of snakes/reptiles?

    I say rattlesnakes just because it would have an obvious sound, and it wouldn't be too overpowered with speed or too lethal (black mamba, blue racer... those would just be too OP). Rattlesnakes hide in tall grass and if you're being noisy generally try to avoid you unless you're nearing its nest. If you surprise them, they bite. They'll also warn you as much as possible generally with much rattling as you get close, faster as you get closer. Because they're cold blooded, they don't like to be out in the hot sun for too long, and seek shade. All of this could be implemented pretty easily.

    As far as interaction with players, perhaps they could actually be a neutral mob, and you would kill them to get venom, and make poison-tipped arrows?
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  6. Since when was minecraft realistic
  7. i think they should add more enchanments.and the ability to enchant the same thing more then once.also they should add squirrels and acorns!
  8. uhh, did I say it was? I was just putting down a suggestion there...
  9. Sorry if you found that offensive im just saying i doubt if there were rattlesnakes in game they would act like real ones.
  10. Hang-gliders. Sailing off of huge cliffs... I know I would.
    Light brown wool, skin tone wool, dark red wool. Lanterns.
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  11. Isnt glowstone somewhat something like lanters and i remember reading on minecraft wiki that all torches in minecraft are gonna be replaced with lanterns and your gonna have to relight torches with flint and steel. But I dont think that idea passed cause no one liked it. More color wools would be nice but we sort of have substitute blocks for all those colors dirt as light brown, sand as skin tone and nether brick as dark red.
  12. He should add alligators in the swamps since he won't add sharks in the ocean. There needs to be some sort of aquatic animal we can fear
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  13. Why not just add all the mobs in mo creatures XD

    Just dump mo creatures into minecraft :D

    I was just suggesting lol, all it was, was an idea, i decided to take the path of realism and base my rattlesnake idea on how they act like in real life :)
  14. anyone think this would be cute?
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  15. you can do that now! just make sure it's on utopia or you're not carrying anything important.
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  16. lol
  17. Natural TnT! :p Jk well i think they should adddd........ ummmmm ehhhhh uhhhhhh welllllllll hmmmmm urghhhhhhh I got it! in a few minutes....:oops:
  18. I know another liquid (not natural you make it) Like acid or oil like build craft (oil is natural not the acid) Or maybe your brewing stand can exsplode (won't lose it) if you make a wrong move like nether wart sugar Diamond axe! XD you can put anything in it and maybe hmmmm i got it! Or maybe you can make fuel (like buildcraft) and it is used to power powered minecarts furnaces and they add cars! and they can exsplode if you hit a wall to hard and you can repair your car and a car crafting table (like aircraft) (plane carfting table) and maybe jellyfish! or another biome like uhhhhhhhhhh.... Oh i know! a fog biome where condensation starts! it is bad at ngiht because you can only see 8.5 blcoks in front of you! and no mobs! intil you are close but no fog in a cave and you can see 14.3 blocks if there is a torch near you and when i siad jelly fish they can sting you it does 1.5 damage and maybe in multiple player you can make busses and then 4 people max can ride and you can make a small truck 2 people max can ride and a large truck 3 people max can ride and when i said car and car crafting table on a car only one person can drive (on all those cars first person who gets on drives) And i got more! lets talke about hostile mobs! What about adding this very nasty mob but since it is so bad it has to spawn near the bedrock that deep that dark! it makes this very scary music play then..... it comes from the darkness and it runs right threw you and takes away 5 hearts no matter if armpur or no armour then it stands right behind you and teleports away and you keep on walking once you are on the surface it Screams then it kills you! you only have 2 seconds to see it once the red thing pops up and says you dies it is gone! so once you meet this game over you better hope the cave is near your home and on wiki it doesn't show the picture only the first person to encounter there horrible death an dit cna kill you on creative! but notch HAS to make it look HORRIBLE and so scary that you might just quit right away on that map so that is all my ideas so far oooooh im kinda scared now about talking about that monster XD well sorryy for this being so long thanks for reading if you did!
  19. i like the idea of a teleport pad, craft it by putting 8 diamonds with a ender pearl in the middle, build a second one then use redstone wiring to hook them up together, the longer the teleport distance you want the more work and redstone needed :D
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  20. wireless redstone! this could go great with your idea foohundred
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