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  1. I left minecraft for around 150 days and then came back but I'm still often find my self going to play Counter Strike or KSP or whatever. I need ideas of what to do...
    And no I'm not leaving for another 150 days.
    I need friends to do stuff with :/
    I joined Carthara but I'm still bored. I need ideas of just what to do on this place :I
  2. Warning dear op / random reader: you're going into a "shellrant" :) (I'm going to name those write ups and become famous some day in the waaay distant future) :)

    More seriously...

    At first I was inclined to ignore your post (nothing personal of course, but I am selective in which threads I respond to) and well.. I honestly can see where you're coming from, which resulted in this :)

    The main problem with your question is that we don't know what kind of player you are. Entering the common issue of "what works for me doesn't have to work for you". Another factor which might weigh in: you are a well known player, I know from experience that it doesn't have to mean all that much (or I am being uberly positive). Thing is; I am also "well known" (cloaked by my voucher at the time of writing) but even so; I still consider myself a bit of a newbie.

    As said; I can relate to your question so I am going to spout off.....

    /smpx No /vault, no storage, no nothing. Just /smpx where x obviously stands for 5 or 4 or... nah; 5 :) Seriously: any other server than your own. Use your rupees to get yourself the most minimalistic gear (I prefer to ignore) and then go into the waste. Let faith (randomness) guide you: /waste.

    Where to go from here? Well; where did you go in vanilla Minecraft? One strong recommendation: get an enderchest with you! Instead of relying on regular chests (which cannot be locked in the waste) get an enderchest. It might be griefed but at least they won't be able to get stuff which is inside.

    Then treat this server as your own personal survival area.


    When I get bored of this I use: /smp2 and I'm right back at home without my stone gear but with my commonly used stuff. My own personal survival ground, there when I want to turn it on or off.... And when griefers come along all I lose is some wood / saplings (minimal) and cobble. The obsidian and such will be easily replaced (I got 50k at the time of writing, watch me no case for griefed ender chests...).

    Ok, too boring....

    Get a flaming aspect sword, go into the waste and when an enderman shows up hit him in the ... lower areas :D

    No, no, no: not there. But if you hit 'm in the legs they might stop from teleporting which gives you the advantage!

    Why flaming aspect? Because you will set 'm on fire, and as you might know: endermen don't like water.

    Your challenge at hand: find the ever lasting teleporting enderman and put him to rest :)

    (it sounds easier than it is)

    Problem obviously being that this is Minecraft. There is no goal, there is no challenge, there is only fun to be sought after. Even so, I know some may sound silly, this is what often works for me.
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  3. Actually you can lock chests in the waste. Put a chest down and a sign on top of it. First line locked second line username.

    Catch: It costs 1,000r per chest (SC or DC doesnt matter). If it makes you feel any better, you get a full refund if the sign is broken within 5 minutes of placing and a 50% refund after that.

    Of course, map resets dont care what is locked and why. Thus, I wouldnt recommend it for anything beyond short term storage.
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  4. Why is Carthaga not interesting enough for you?
  5. It is just nobody is ever there
  6. I'm always willing to do something
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