What Really does well-known Member mean?

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What are you?

New Member 2 vote(s) 4.8%
Member 3 vote(s) 7.1%
Well-Known Member 16 vote(s) 38.1%
Iron Donator 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Gold Donator 2 vote(s) 4.8%
Diamond Donator 6 vote(s) 14.3%
Staff 2 vote(s) 4.8%
Other....... 11 vote(s) 26.2%
  1. I have noticed that A LOT of members are well-known on the forums. I first came on the server about 508 days ago. I think I may be well-known because of that even though about 5 people know my name.... You Should be well know depending on how may post you replied to, how many Thread you have started and people respond, added to how long you have been on. I could be wrong its how long you have been on, I think it could also be some kind of points which are effected by how long you have been on. But I think there way to many Well-Known Members, (or just no Members or New member go on forums) I think it should be a little harder to get, you should be well know.
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  2. You have to post a certain amount of times and get a certain amount of likes. And trophy points are needed I think. Very descriptive I know... ^
  3. I know but it seems like everyone is Well-known if not a donator or staff
  4. ? :confused:
  5. Sort of true way too many people have it D:
  6. When you post, receive likes, refer people and do things like that, you receive trophy points. Once you have a certain number of trophy points, you will become a well-known member. It has nothing to do with the amount of time you've been a member.

    Whether you are a supporter or staff or whatever, you'll have an active member or well known member title on your account, but it's just being masked.

    The reason most people you see are well-known members would be because they're the most active and you'll see them around more than people who aren't.

    The current setup is just the default system that ships with XenForo. If aikar wanted to, he could change it up, rename it to well known banana or anything.
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  7. Through different activities on the forum, you can get trophies. You earn trophies for likes, referring people, posting a lot, or the amount of time you have been on here. Trophies have a point value, which add up to ranks like new, active, well known, and normal members. 48 points is well known.
  8. Taking part in different things across the forums such as receiving likes, making posts, and referring new users earns you trophy points. Once you earn a set amount of trophy points, your title advances through three different member stages. It does not matter whether or not a single person knows your name; if you have 48 trophy points, you're known as a well known member to the site.
  9. I think we've established that trophy points = well-known status, and aresom seems to know this full well. I think the point of this is that it seems TOO easy to get the required points. I neither agree nor deny this, I am simply trying to clear up the matter.
  10. I know but Look at the Polls, at least right now, Most People who ave come on this Page have Been Well-Known Member, only one New-Member. And the other are donators, staff or other.
  11. everyone over 2 years old has well known member.
    it's broken that way
  12. http://empireminecraft.com/help/trophies - list of all Trophie Points.
    In my oppinion they need new ranks or rebalance the amount it takes to gain the currently ranks as some members like a friend of mine has 0 posts, 0 likes and has the Well-Known rank because he's for 2 years on EMC
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  13. Other meaning Gold Supporter...
    Should be "Point Collector", then if you have 20+ followers - "Well-Known Member". (Maybe 30, 10 or something.)
  14. It Is
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  17. oh sry wrong thread from aresom
  18. The only problem with how this works is how much you get for being one or two years on the empire. Everyone who's been on for two years is considered well-known, even if they've only created the account, not been online ever since, and have no posts or likes. The number of points you get for being on the empire for a certain time should be lower I think.
  19. Y'know, there was a time when only D1223m had enough trophy points to be considered Well-Known outside of the staff.

    He was promptly made a staff member. It was weird.

    Anyway, the title means nothing nowadays. Unless the trophy points system is reworked, it'll probably continue to be that way.
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