What Questions do New Players ask?

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  1. I am creating a New Player facility on SMP9 to help new players when they join empire [official post coming soon]. This facility will feature free resources, a floor with shops they can buy resources from, and also a floor that has message chests and questions a new player would ask. Now I thought that since everyone here was a newplayer at one point and maybe has seen many newplayers that you could suggest questions that newplayers would ask or want an answer to (ex. can I join a town?). If I think a question is good I will place it in the facility. (comment below your recommended questions)
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  2. Consider me a fan already. The only problem for me being SMP9: way out in the waste, maybe my alt can visit someday.

    OK.. New players. When I was new I ranted. Reading that essay back I don't think it really adds that much but...

    The most asked questions I get: "How to I make money?", "Where do I mine?", "im stuch, how to i get back?>", "Where do I mine?", "Is there survival here?", "Is there pvp here?".

    "y u no take beacon from well?!".

    ok, ok, I'm exaggerating with that last one. That was in the fun days of a certain Youtube channel, how time flies <snif> :confused:

    More seriously: all the stuff above is what I honestly got from new players, and I often tend to try and help them.
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  3. Ben... Can I donate 100k to this
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  4. "How and why am I here?"
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  5. Q : How do I go to my home?
    A : You play MC in your house no ?.. jk do /home
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  6. Like shel said, when I joined i went to the waste right away. I got lost super easy so maybe something about the live map? I would also do /shop to find stuff but as a new player i got frustrated when an abandoned shop was out of stock and it would take me forever to find one. Maybe you could recommend a couple really good malls? (+poof on utopia and smp2, sscr, etc...)
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  7. Knowing that this is a multi smp server so /smp
    Also, how do you win? Or what do i do?
    How do i restart from 0 (aka no starter items) so /trash soulbound and /trash)(i actually saw this case like 2 days ago)
    Dont remember more

    Edit: teaching them /vote for eqsy rupees(solves im poor please give;spam)
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  8. I plan on having a thing like recommending shops on the 3rd floor of the building. btw the reply thing didn't work but this was replying to cj12115
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  9. sure!
  10. i know we may have not had the best past but i would like to push past this.. and u may think I'm trying to cover up what i have done. but no i just want to donate for the blocks and such.
  11. im am hoping I'm not banned from this
  12. I have no serious comments nobody else hasn't covered.
    I'm just here to say this killed me with laughter. Thank you Shel.
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  13. Don't forget the /v +directory on each smp. They are player run so a lot more up to date then +shop or +mall. Those Directories will also have more then just teleports to shops too ^_^ as an example smp1s is 2112 ~_^
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  14. it would be a great donation since this is a non-profit project [more can be learned in the future post].
  15. As a rather new player:
    • How do I make a shop? (perhaps an example of a shop sign and a breakdown of how to make it/what it means?)
    • What are good shops to buy stuff from? (SMP Specific)
    • How do I make money besides voting? (selling things to other shops, make your own shop, auctions, etc)
    • What are promos? (Rare items that can only be obtained on EMC during certain times)
    • How do I stable my horse? (basic yes, but some 100+ people don't know this)
    • How do I make it so other people can ____ on my res? (/res cset or /res pset)
    • How can I contact a moderator? (type /mod and go to the smp they are on)
    • Where is my house? (do /home)
    • Where do I get supplies? (go to /waste)
    • *Followup Question* HEY THE WASTE IS DESTROYED (walk out further breh)
    • How do I change my difficulty? (do /diff #)
    • y u no take bacon frm whale (ITS WET YOU EXPIRED JAR OF MAYONAISE)
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  16. paid
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  17. I would explain what the waypoints are and how to use them. They're the doorway between the Waste, the Frontier, and Town. As long as people understand that they have to get back there, getting lost is on them.

    Also, explain the /w system. If a new player does get lost, they can whisper anyone in town for help.

    Lastly, I would go over the forums and EMC site, including the Livemap. A lot of players want information handed to them, but I personally felt a great sense of gratification when I found info I needed on my own.
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  18. well when i was new i had 1 question, "what is the response time for banning hackers?"
  19. ''Can I join a town?''
    ''Where is my home?''
    ''Is there pvp/survival on this server?''
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  20. In addition to the one said by Kit,
    How do I make a town?
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