What makes you happy?

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  1. I was looking at a post titled "what makes you mad". I thought it was kind of funny but depressing at the same time. My comment was "Apple charging 3k for stuff worth 500 bucks and still ending up buying them" or something like that. I like being optimistic so, what makes you happy? Any answer is valid as long as it does make you happy so be honest, and we like humor around here.
  2. What makes me happy is when the homeless recieve support from the stable.

    When animals are saved by humans.

    When my friend agrees to let me play first player on games.
  3. One thing that puts a grin on my face is when I have 5 bars. ;)
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  4. Hmm let me see...
    -Anything which makes me laugh
    -Being with friends
    -People just being nice in general to be honest

    Think this is why I like EMC so much meets all these minus the music. :D
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  5. This is one of the most important questions. Big like!

    For me: love, freedom and peace
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  6. -Sleep
    -Pay Day
    -Emc Staff & Community
    -More Sleep
  7. Talking to all the people in Mumble.
    Nightcore music
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  8. Talking to that special someone <3
  9. Windows 8 makes me happy...
    -no one ever
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  10. My nerdy husband.
    My family.
    Muh EMC fraaanz \o3o/ I have too many to name.
    Music and Art
    Heart-warming stories.

    Not having Windows 8 \o3o/
  11. Lots of blood and violence pie.
  12. I come from that terrible breed of annoyingly optimistic people. Seriously, the fact that anything exists makes my day. I swear, my brother probably thinks I'm insane when I break out into hysterical laughter because something exists.
  13. Hmm let me think XD
    • no ponies ( no offence)
    • killing any mob in my path
    • sleep
    • EMC
    • raging on mobs
    • legend of zelda
    • sushi
    • fellow wolves
    • pokemon
    • TnT
    • night
    • and slaughtering the ender dragon without a bow
    Sry for long list
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  14. Right here is mine:
    -Going out with friends
    -Getting new games/playing games
    -EMC Friends
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  15. Serotonin, makes me happy.
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  16. weekends.
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  17. When I get followers on EMC and Sleep!!!
  18. Playing Games
    Receiving money
    And my dogs :D
  19. The only things that actually make me happy:
    1. That feeling I get after I program something successful.
    2. Pretending I'm the singer singing on stage when I'm listening to music.
    3. When random strangers off the streets, before I leave work, give me advice.
    4. When I'm able to successful prove something is wrong.
    about it...
  20. This is the only answer on the thread which is actually necessary.

    Anyways, I have to list things which make me happy, don't I?
    The main thing which makes me happy is power and control. The reason I study politics and economics as a hobby is because they are social sciences, which explain the social behaviour of humans. To become powerful, you need people to cooperate with you to a certain degree; the higher the degree they cooperate with you, the more powerful you are. Understanding people in terms of two key human institutions, the economy and the state, is something which will help me attain power.

    This is also why my favourite genre of game is the strategy god game, like Warcraft II and Civilization, and why I founded the New Republic. I was motivated by greed. Any Neorepublicans reading this, don't panic. Me wanting power does not necessarily mean you are screwed over. I would like to think my quest for power and you quest to...you know, play Minecraft normally and have fun are mutually inclusive. :)