What kind of gum you like?

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  1. The question is simple. What kind of gum you like.

    Leave your answer, and tell me why you like that gum.

    Example: I like beldent's gum.
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  2. None. I hate all gum. And, for the most part, I do not like when people chew gum near me because some people chew like horses.
  3. k
  4. Calm down, turn off your PC, MAC etc. Go outside , and think about your life . And do not go to random threads , and , start bringing bad vibe to my thread.
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  5. Thought about it.

    I stand by my post.
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  6. Any watermelon gum.
    Fake watermelon is delicious.
  7. Pointless post much?
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  8. this.
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  9. Minty or cinnamon flavored Trident gum. Two pieces will last me nearly the whole day.
  10. nope it definitely has a point... someone's been limiting their

    however, my favorite gum is Polar Ice. thats all i know about it other than the fact that its always cheap and is everywhere.
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  11. That's probably my legit favorite as well. Lasts a full period at school (das wat she sed) and it tastes pretty good.
  12. wow. just... wow
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  13. K has 6 points. I fail to see how any apply to this scenario.

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  14. I dislike gum because it loses its flavor and leaves me chewing what seems to be a wad of moist earwax, but when I do chew gum, I go with cinnamon Trident, though I'll accept mint.
  15. You like Trident? I rarely chew gum, but I usually go with any sort of mint. However, in reference to Trident, I used to call Trident's "Topical Twist" flavor "liver-butt" because, uh, that's what it tasted like. =P
  16. Trust me, the reason I stick to mint/cinnamon gums is because I tried tropical twist once. That's the last time I was ever adventurous when it comes to gum flavors. >.<

  17. Right there! Wrigley's Doublemint is my favourite. I'm also pretty superstitious, so this pack of gum gives me good look :) I always stick one of these bad boys in when I'm taking a test or playing baseball, it's gotten to be a part of my routine.
  18. You and me know the best kind of gum in the world.:cool:;)
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  19. k