What I've been doing all day..

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  1. Margaritte's is a bit derpy. Way too short So I fixed max's and Aikar's So they were the right dimesions. Feed back is appriciated!

  2. There should be a Statue for every moderator.
  3. Well fiddlesticks, Torian42 and I were going to make a statue of Max on her res but beat us to it ;) Keep up the cool wool art.
  4. There's going to be. I just started theese yesterday.
  5. Dang, that is immensely awesome! :)
    On the second pic, is that margaritte's skin?
    EDIT: nvm lol, reread the post.
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  6. Your DOCK is so big... Why?

    Also, nice work. I like it. :)
  7. I didnt even notice this
  8. I hate having it tiny.. It bugs the crap outta' me. I plan on doing all mods now; And past mods(Twitch;D) and Of course. ICC and Justin!
  9. I can't see the pictures... Where did you upload them?
  10. If only I could make this good of wool art! :O I can barely make a cow face.
  11. They're right there in the post, I suggest reloading or whatever lol.
  12. I did -_- I still can't see them.
  13. DERP

    Great Job, J_A_D_E, but I feel so short now :D
  14. Now you gotta do ALL of them...p.s. ignoramoose's is not that friendly to wool art...
  15. Maybe she's not derpy, she's Chibi? :D
    Oh man, good luck with that Haha!
  16. Well, I might just be nice enough to upload them to imgur so you can see them.
    Maybe... :p
  17. Liked your comment for using "fiddlesticks".

    I'd like an area where we could all make our skins. Like "We are minecraft" use to be.
  18. Like Minershoes? Skindex? Or do you mean publishing wool art?
  19. We are Minecraft was a server where anyone could go in and would claim a lot and build their skin. I think that's what Vivid wishes we had.
  20. I see...
    I think I might make a world for this on my server, once I port-forward my IP...
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