What is your favorite light block?

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What is your favorite light source?

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Torch 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Jack 'o' Lantern 1 vote(s) 3.4%
Glowstone 5 vote(s) 17.2%
Lava 1 vote(s) 3.4%
Fire 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Beacon (I'mrich yo!) 2 vote(s) 6.9%
Sea lantern 9 vote(s) 31.0%
End rod 4 vote(s) 13.8%
The void (darkness ftw, mwua ha ha haaa!) 2 vote(s) 6.9%
Other (please leave a comment below!) 5 vote(s) 17.2%
  1. Hi gang!

    When I hopped onto EMC for the first time we were still on 1.7 (and I really disliked the idea of going to 1.8, look at us now!) and in 1.7 we had very limited light blocks. A torch, glowstone, jack'o'lantarn, and lava (plus fire). That was basically it. I know: there were blocks such as a redstone torch (dim lit), redstone lamp (not on all the time) and of course beacons, furnaces and redstone ore can also emit light. But you don't use those blocks for light necessarily ;)

    When 1.8 hit we got Sea Lanterns, when 1.9 hit we got End Rods and right now there's a nice diversity of light sources which we can use.

    My favorite are end rods. I think Mojang really did an amazing job there because you can use them in all sorts of ways. A friend of mine devised a way to make them look like light tubes, I've seen them used as both light sources and parkour areas and yeah... very versatile and I also think they emit a better usable light than other blocks (could be my imagination).

    I lit up my small farm with end rods and I think it looks pretty good!

    Obvious question: what is your favorite?
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  2. I like redstone lamps :p
  3. I love the look of sea lanterns. I feel like they give a warm glow to a room, and the vanilla texture is very calming with the repetitive moving circles on the sides of the sea lantern.
  4. magma block but it all depends on the build XD
  5. I love the way you incorporated the end rods in your farm over there :o

    As for me, in my own stuff: I haven't done much underground in the last couple of long (lol), and when it's above ground I generally use no lighting at all.

    As for actual builds that should look nice (my redstone competition entry, a mall, etc), it really depends.
    - For smaller, personal things, I often use torches as the main lighting source, because they are relatively cheap, easy to incorporate, and generally go well with my building materials (usually mostly birch and oak wooden planks). In most builds I throw in a few glowstone at a nice spot, usually in the roof, or somewhere similar.
    - For big buildings, like for example a mall, I use almost all kinds of light sources - glowstone, sea lanterns, since recently maybe a few end rods, and always some hidden form of light (generally made by torches). I use the different kind of light sources at different kinds of places. These places are generally a bit the same throughout different builds. I think redstone lanterns is one of the only lighting blocks I don't really use for this, and that is because the look of them doesn't fit that well with my building style.

    Oh, yes, your actual question... what is my favourite? Difficult. After having thought about it though, I've come up with an interesting answer. My favourite kind of lighting is hidden floor lights by torches. Check out 966 on smp1 to see what I mean with this, as I think that floor has already been changed to "hidden floor lighting by torches :p". ;)
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  6. So a little fairy (uhm..) caught up to me and suggested I'd bump this thread (or so I think). But I don't like bumping Mr. Fairy? (wait, that doesn't sound right there :D)).

    So instead I'll just wonder: what do you think is the best light source?

    Also: can anyone come up with something new? :)

    We might win a Mojang award :p
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  7. Sorry but LOL this makes my evening sooo much better, thanks x1000 :p

    Best light source? I'll keep it short this time; for mining etc. regular torches (kind of obviously :p) are the way to go - easy, cheap, don't take up too much space, etc. :) Or, you can be like me, and have eyes like a cat or whatever, and be able to do most things without any lights at all :p (I often hear people say that it's too dark, while I can still see everything very clearly... but that's a different story :p)
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  8. Lava. Lava + Boats = Fun times.
    (ask shel)
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  9. anymore opinions? :)
  10. Glowstone, as its source is the Nether and makes potions stronger when you grind it into dust... >;D
    I also love shiny colors such as Yellow; makes the Magma Blocks less useful by comparison (especially since they can't be uncrafted back into 4 Magma Cream >w>)
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  11. End rods. You can place them on each other and you can add a futuristic look to builds if you use em right ;)

    Edit: and redsyone lamps cause they can be toggled
  12. Nether Portals?

    jk, my favourite light is probably the Sea Lanterns because everything I build the lanterns always seem to go with the style I build with... Example : Quartz and Sea Lanterns work really well
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  13. Hm, I like the redstone lamps. Apart from the Torch, it's the texture I like the most, and I like how you can turn it on or off using a redstone signal.
    Glowstone's a nice block but I'm not in love with the texture, and while I quite like the look of Sea Lanterns and End Rods, they don't go well with most of my stuff because they are a bit more whimsical.
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  14. I still like the sea lanterns best, it gives a nice, clean look and matches most interior decor.

    I have found that you can put carpet on top of the end rods, so right now all of my tables are undergoing renovation.

    You forgot to add in redstone lamps (I see some others have noticed this too); they look quite different from regular glowstone and can be used in fantastic ways to decorate your builds!
  15. my favorite light block is the feather
    its REALLY light
    (prepeare yourselves for another one)
    (insert dj khalid gif)
    (ok this is te real answer)

    my favorite light block is redstone ore when you step on it/ hit it
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  16. I prefer Redstone lamps, because having a lighting system that you can turn off is the way to go.

    Mix in a daylight sensor, if you're feeling tricky.
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