What is your favorite / least favorite block in Minecraft and why?

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Do you like to build in Minecraft?

YESSS!!! Building is great! 8 vote(s) 72.7%
Somewhat 3 vote(s) 27.3%
No way! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
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  1. I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on this, as I love to build in Minecraft and therefore have been wondering: What are your favorite and least favorite blocks in Minecraft and why?


    I will start the thread off with my opinions:

    Favorite: Definitely stone brick, as it has so many variations and uses in building! Also, gray is my favorite color and appears in a lot of my builds. Stone brick is probably the most common block I've been using in recent projects.

    Least Favorite: This is harder to decide on, but I would most likely say purpur blocks are my least favorite, as their purple / lavender color makes them really hard to incorporate into builds, even if said build is located in the end (at least for me)

    Share yours! :D
  2. Favorite: Hmm... what to choose, what to choose... I think my favorite block is the... um... *thinks to self* c’mon tato - you build a ton and you should have a favorite *stops thinking* Aha! The concretes! I believe they add a variety of color to Minecraft! Though I rarely use them -hmmm I should use the in my secret event- I like the array of bright to darkness. Runner up is sandstone because it is just totally waffles.

    Least Favorite: Easy. The diamond block. It is horrid. It is ugly. End of story.
  3. Favorites (and why):
    • Emerald block (shiny, I love green but it isn't plain, easy to get)
    • Any type of flower, or sapling grown up or not (I love gardening and nature, plus I consider colors and green to be signs of life, peace, and excitement all at once)
    • Prismarine (I love cyan but it isn't plain, easy to get)
    • Purpur (I love violet/purple but it isn't plain, easy to get, has a brick pattern)
    • Cyan glass (I love cyan, useful for making realistic skyscraper windows)
    • White concrete, quartz block, polished diorite (again, all useful for making realistic skyscrapers)
    Least favorite (and why):
    • Granite (not useful for much on the scale that diorite and andesite are, but I get about as much of it anyway because I have to mine through it)
  4. Favorite: Bone blocks (Which, for whatever reason, i almost never use), oak logs, spruce planks, dark prismarine, and concrete powder
    Least favorite: Stone bricks, concrete, and glazed terracotta
  5. Favorite(...s?): Purpur, oak wood, diorite
    Least Favorite: Bricks

    Come at me with your pitchforks and your torches, I will embrace them and then absorb them and become greater than I ever was....


    I don't have much reasoning for my favorites outside of oak works with everything, but bricks, to me, go with almost nothing. Dark oak wood is about all I can stand to have them with and while I like dark oak wood, bricks are tedious to make, expensive, and don't even look that nice, imo.
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  6. I would say that my favorites are... Dark oak logs, green wool, and stone slabs. :)
    Least favorite is netherrack. I just don't find it to be a very attractive color or texture.
  7. Netherrack is good for making large slabs of meat, though. I feel like that's the sort of thing that you would build rather frequently, so I'm not sure what your beef with it is.
    Yes I just channeled my inner Chris there, please don't stab me
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  8. Nice to meat you, Chris2.0
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  9. I would have to say my favorite block is also my most abundant resource at approx. 300 DC atm which is simply Stone. Not only for the reasons the OP mentions with regards to Stone Brick, but also for the acquisition of cobblestone and it's walls, slabs, stairs, and also stone slabs which I use quite often. Also Stone is used in the creation of repeaters, comparators, stone buttons, and stone pressure plates. Because it is so versatile and can be used in so many different ways I consider it my favorite. Also note that all of my buildings are constructed on a foundation of stone. This is a practice I have been doing long before concrete was introduced to the game, and probably stems from learning to build my house on the Rock (Stone) vs. sand ;).

    As for a least favorable block, I would have to say that is Soul Sand. First off it is sand, so it's build properties tend to "fall" apart in some applications. Second, I feel I move slow enough as is these days, I don't need anything else to slow me down. Most of all though...talk about unwanted texture. I am not a fan of Head collecting as it just seems...eh...Odd. Nor have I ever allowed one of my heads to drop to date. Not sure if this will ever change, but it is something I am not a fan of at this time. So why would I want to use a block that has multiple skulls looking at me on it? Only real use I know of is that it helps netherwart grow....but uh...what good is netherwart again? Hmm...it appears that it is a base ingredient in all potions...which I don't use either. So yea, I really don't have a good use for soul sand, and don't see it adding to many builds short of a cemetery.

    I used this handy Data Value Chart to reference the list of blocks when thinking about this topic. You can even click on a particular block to learn more about it.

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  10. Mhm... I think my favoutite would be either coarse dirt or Birch leaves. Both of them becuase theyu are great in landscaping. Mainly coarse dirt: it really helps out any landscape to spartcle some around under the trees.

    Then, looking through the creative inventory, the only blocks that I haven't used in a build I am somewhat proud of are some ores, obviously, the emerad and diamond block. The last two just aren't of any good for most building. The emareld I can see used as something in a vault or something like that, but the diamond just is unlogical for that and doesn't really look that good on the side.
  11. Favourite: Concrete blocks. Mostly orange concrete though :) And quartz!

    Least Favourite: Diorite and granite
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  12. I suck at building things. (More or less, things that look good.)

    Though, I must say, I love the way obsidian looks. There's just something about it that just looks awesome.

    The block I don't like much at all is, like Otus above me, the -ite blocks. I really think they could do better with improving those textures. Fortunately, they look pretty dang nice in their smooth forms. :)