What is your favorite animal?

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  1. Well...?

    I have 2 animals that I adore very much, they are tigers and foxes.
    I would have a pet tiger if that... wouldn't end the way I think it would.
    Somewhere, I have read that I can get a domestic fox, but probably won't, so yeah, I like foxes because they are, well I'm not sure, but they just look pretty, same goes for tigers, too. White tigers I really like, I love their blue eyes, it makes them look even prettier. Yes pretty pretty, but I will write down more reasonable reasons to like my favorite animals.

    Whats your favorite animal(s)?
  2. Red panda's \m/
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  3. I Love owl's!
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  4. Here is mine...

    PS I took it :)
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  5. Dogies, woof, woof!

  6. Mine :)
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  7. White Tigers <3.<3
  8. This is my favourite: (Annoyed Jcplugs?)

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  10. Well, I am now suspicious.

  11. here are mine :)
  12. cheezburger. kidding i love cats :p
  13. pine marten.jpg
    Pine Martens and Quokkas
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  14. Wolverines!
  15. I have two cats.
  16. I adore all animals equily i dont really have a favourite but i do have a pet of my own and hes a dog called smugde he is my profile pic with his touge sticking out, but i moslty prefer gaint pandas and ploarbears

    Gaint panda:

    Polar bear:

    Heres my dog:

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