What is/was your fastest horse?

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  1. So i was just curious :). Comment the fastest horse you have currently or the fastest horse you used to have :)
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  2. You can also include anything cool with horses that has happened to you such as: a Donkey Promo Horse, or a fast starter horse, or a very very slow horse :)
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  3. My fastest horse was a 131% Burned in a lava pit on the surface
  4. I lost my 145% to a creeper.
  5. I think those are illegal, anyway... ;)
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  6. I have 3, 130% horses
  7. 135 percent still in egg never took out my prized possession of horses
  8. Currently, my fastest is a 134 :)
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  9. My fastest is... only 123%. 2slow4me However, I'm most proud of Geoff, my 50% speed horse. Somebody's gotta lose the race, right? Why not let the loser be comically slow?
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  10. They are Aikar pushed our a secret update that is supposed to reset any above 135% speed due to people who make them using glitches.
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  11. I have got one 131% but I don't know how I get it/why I'ave got it. :rolleyes:
  12. I don't really care that much for horses so all I care for is that I have a decently speedy horse (I think 120/80) and a mule when I want to haul items (110/70).

    I do have a funny story: My fastest horse was 110/110: Dancer. But I was a real noobie back then, I didn't see a promo, I saw a colored horsie ;) And wouldn't it be great to rename it Mustang instead of Dancer? Which I tried :D Somehow I did manage to change some stuff while keeping the reddish color (it's been a while) but eventually ended up with a horse which had gibberish as its name. So I eventually removed the name entirely and manually renamed it <<Mustang>>, now in a boring whitish color.

    A few weeks later I finally learned & realized what a promo was :oops:

    A few months later I finally learned & realized that I could have sold it for a lot of rupees if I hadn't renamed it :eek:

    Anyway, several months later did I run into a person of who I'm pretty sure that they'll be around for a while, so when I learned that they were looking for a faster horse I gave my renamed Dancer away ;)

    And now I can really grin over that story, such a noobie ;)

    LOL, and that's not all; that emergency snow clearing device was all I needed to clear away the dirt under my residence, which I did :) Fortunately I did manage to keep it, but completely broken down ;) Promo's were meant to be used and enjoyed for me ;)
  13. Bump! My new fastest is a 136.94 speed :)
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