What is this for?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Penniopolis, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Found an interesting structure today in the Nether. Anyone have any idea what it is for? Just curious. 2015.03.05_23.24.22.png
  2. summoning justinguy
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  3. For real though, it was probably some player making a safe way down that block
  4. how was that trolling
  5. It just looked like somebody wanted to get up to that soul sand platform, but ended up not having any blocks nor any time to dig up some netherrack. :p
  6. It looks really cool and I was able to see it from far off. Never have seen ice in the nether. Very nice effect.
  7. Hey why won't it let me join the server guys?
  8. Perfect meme for this thread
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  9. Odd block to use to build up (You'd think it'd melt under his feet), but hey. If it works , who am I to argue? :)
  10. Probably because of them darned aliens :p

    Nah, probably a small glitch, like when you get booted because of the lag...