what is the scariest thing you have seen in a video game?

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do games scare you?

yes 20 vote(s) 48.8%
no 21 vote(s) 51.2%

  1. this thing has scared me for life and its from a MARIO game :eek:
    but what is the scariest thing you have seen in a video game
    and if its gory put it in a spoiler
    [SIZE=13px][FONT=Trebuchet MS][spoiler="SPOILS!"]I just spoiled your mind.[/spoiler]
  2. The horrors of Super Paper Mario :eek:

  3. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Edit: o wait a video game... o well
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  4. I'd say the Grudge, but that's a movie...

  5. As a kid these things freaked me out pretty bad

    Hubby thought that since I liked games with First Person view I'd like F.E.A.R. That turned out to be a big NOPE after I encountered the creepy children, people walking past doors who weren't really there and the stuff that pops up on the screen.

  6. @_@
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  7. Creepers scare me when I'm trying to go mining. Or in a scary game my dad is playing and a zombie jumps at him, it can be frightening, just watching him play! :eek:
  8. creepers dont scare me for some reason
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  9. Well... I don't get scared...
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  10. did something surprise you like the piano in super mario 64?
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  11. This thing
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  12. i dont get scared anymore... the only thing that has EVER scared me was this:
  13. I love games, and I'll admit, I'm definitely a gamer. But there are a lot of games that scare me sometimes. Minecraft used to, but I'm not too scared of creepers that much anymore. I remember some of the dark, dangerous areas in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game scared me.
  14. The Resident Evil series had moments where it would make my heart jump and also be weary on what was around the corner. The one monster that kept me on my toes was Nemesis.

    That creation from Umbrella was one tough cookie. You never knew when he would pop up and when he did make an appearance it would make my heart beat a little faster as well as give me goosebumps.



    Another series that kept me up at night was Silent Hill. The best way to play that game was by yourself in the dark. Man, after playing that game and then trying to go to bed afterwards was harder than riding a unicycle and juggling apples at the same time.

    The character that scared the crap out of me and was similar to Nemesis (random encounters) had to be Pyramid Head. Whenever I heard the dragging of a sword it invoked fear into my very own soul and I knew in that moment I was in trouble. That thing was relentless!


  15. I don't play games other than Mc, TF2, or GTA, but I watch lets plays and uh...

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  16. Wow, this is a pleasant thread.
  17. The crooked man! Brings back memories.

    Well, i'd say many things frighten me in gaming:




    And most of all....