What is EMC cost for 1 hour of work?

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What is worth 1hour of work?

< 10k 7 vote(s) 24.1%
10k-15k 13 vote(s) 44.8%
15k-20k 7 vote(s) 24.1%
20k-25k 5 vote(s) 17.2%
25k-35k 5 vote(s) 17.2%
35k+ 6 vote(s) 20.7%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hello guys!

    A recent thread sparked up my curiosity on what is the general consensus for what is worth one hour of labor in town with no prior knowledge required to complete the task (no redstone stuff)

    I generally pay 12k-18k when I need someone to do these kinds of jobs. Wanted to know what is your opinion on the matter
  2. I think your about right
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  3. Depends on the task, and I'm not keeping up well with the economy anyways due to me being in the wild constantly, but unless it's something like clearing an entire res's dirt, removing a massive build like a 60x60 skyscraper going up to world height, or something that requires prior knowledge (i.e. redstone, village mechanics, etc.), I would think probably not very much...

    Maybe 5-10k at the most.
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  4. It really depends on the same things as when you hire somebody irl to do work.
    • Who it is - Are they well known, have a lot of experience? Then they likely will charge more for their services
    • Who is providing supplies/tools? - If you're providing supplies/tools, then it will be a lot cheaper, but if you require them to get their own supplies/tools, then you're looking at a much larger bill.
    • What is the job - Different jobs have different levels of work involved. Clearing an entire res of dirt for example is really simple, but, in terms of Minecraft mechanics it's kind of labor intensive (dull/boring, slow, just overall pain to do) This is in comparison to, say, building something based on a schematica file, this is more complex since you're working with a lot of blocks and might require unique placement, but it's not as labor intensive (building jobs can be fun, not nearly as dull/boring).
    • Value of the rupee - This is actually really important for this discussion, because the value of a rupee fluctuates year round. As rupee values for materials fluctuate, so does the amount of rupees a player would be willing to accept for a job.
    • Something that people don't always consider - how many rupees could the player make in an hour doing something else. For example, would they be better off going mining, working on a mob farm, or afking at a mob farm for that hour instead of your job.
    There are other things that would affect the pricing, but these are the few things that came to mind as the most important.
    So, to answer your question, I would have to give an "average" value for work on EMC. Given that it's an average player (not a newbie or a long-term player with lots of experience), the employer is providing materials, and with the current value of the rupee, I would say the average player's time is 10k rupees.
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  5. I'm too expensive.. i charge per minute.. 2k.. ;)

    Just kidding, i dont even want to build my builds. :p
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  6. why pay them
    just use slaves

    comme by 14477, we sell the best slaves in town

    EDIT: this is a joke, and i'm completely against slaves
    I hope everybody can understands that and to plz not take this serious
  7. That really wasn't necessary.
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  8. just a joke, but if you think it doesn't belong on the forums
    plz report it, than staff can deside to remove it or not
    but i'm pretty sure, if removed, a new "slave" joke will pop up in this thread after a while
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  9. Not everyone enjoys the same type of humor, which is fine. I personally enjoy some "dark humor" like this sometimes, and to be honest I laughed a bit at Alli's posted. However, by seeing the context of the post and knowing Alli personally, I could better appreciate his humor. As long as it does not get out of hand and doesn't become outright offensive towards people, we are fine with some dark humor on EMC. Always feel free to talk with a staff member though, if you find something that makes you uncomfortable.

    EDIT: To clarify, dark humor is by definition "dark" - but keep in mind that it still needs to stay family friendly, per EMC's rules. Alli's post did not cross that line, but always feel free to point something out to staff if you think somebody went too far.

    Plus, I keep slaves as well on my second res. I force them to take my wheat, carrots, and potatoes to give me all of their emeralds. Then I might give them some of their emeralds back in exchange for other items they have. They all are quite comfortable in their 1x1 cells.

    (To clarify, I am talking about my villager trading area. I keep all my villagers organized in 1x1 rooms so I can easily go through and find a specific villager and trade with it. I often joke with friends that they are my prisoners and I force them to do work for me, but obviously this being a video game and them being just villagers in-game, it's not like that at all. Again, this is a form of dark humor that some people find humorous and others do not.)
  10. Thanks for your input. That looked somewhat suspicious...

    Anyways, I think it's time this thread gets back on topic.
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  11. I already did
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  12. K thanks for that input
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  13. Pay me 50 million (dollars) and I'll work for you 24/7. Sound like a fair deal?
  14. Interesting. :)
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  15. I say a gift of a gold supporter is enough for payment. Irl time to EMC time, it's an hour of minimum wage at stake...
  16. So far the input has been great! Keep it coming!
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  17. Bump
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  18. I worked stacking giant pumpkin/melon farms for a few hours and got some 50k, so maybe 25k is a good price?
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  19. one of the last bumps
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  20. TY so much for feedback everyone! Poll results are very interesting
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