What if (Thread Game)

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  1. So uh this is a game I thought of, it might have all ready been done but whatever, here's how it works.

    Let's say PooperScooper posts: What if Obama died?
    The nest person quotes the post saying what would happen if Obama died and then make his own what if. And it'd goes on like that, only the first post doesn't quote anyone because it's the uh first post...
    So have fun!
  2. What if I was the first to post here?
  3. I'd be the second post.

    What if muffins didn't kill people?
  4. I wouldn't care.

    What if you didn't have to go to school?
  5. The global economy would suffer hugely as compulsory education would not ensure the existence of a highly skilled labour pool.

    What if the Internet was never created?
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  6. Then we'd have to do this thing called "Real life" *Shudders*

    What if sponges were craftable?
  7. Then someone would have already made a 'cheese castle'. Using the Sponges as cheese look a-likes...

    What if it rained melons?
  8. Nick5013 would be holding buckets to catch them.

    What if electricity was out forever? :O
  9. I would cry and slowly deteriorate into nothing.

    What if there was a zombie apocalypse? (Y'all knew this one was coming.)
  10. I would barricade myself in and use all the food downstairs to live.

    What if there was a sudden notice of a fire in your house?
  11. Call the FDNY, or in your case, your local FDNY21. :)

    *last one, I think* What if music was banned?
  12. The world would be silent, pretty depressing actually ...

    What if you had a pet dragon?
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  13. I would control EMC :)

    What if you died?
  14. i would watch "How to Train a Dragon" to learn how to fly it.
    What if Minecraft was real life?
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  15. What is this "real life" you are talking about?

    What if I said that I am watching you right now?
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  16. I would say "hi"!
    What if Nick wasn't pretty?
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  17. Then he'd look exactly the same.

    What if there was a Napoleon mob in Minecraft?
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  18. Then turtles would fly and talk

    what if minecraft was real and life was a video game?
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  19. What if I was to yell YOLO in the middle of Creative Writing? Seniors would be like: "'EY FRESHY! SIT DOWN YOU MORON!" xD :3
  20. What if IcC was a woman? O.O

    What if someone took a bite out of Bitemenow15? What would happen? :p

    What if someone was to ask Ark if he was Noah, from Noah's Ark? :D (I'd be one of those people :3)