What I think should be done with EMC.

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by Mrlegitislegit, May 19, 2013.

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  1. Like all the quitting people today, I also agree that EMC has developed major flaws, and I want to suggest some ideas.

    1. No more side projects until the Dragon Tombs are done: Unless they are 100% needed. An example of this is the Wastelands. They could have been worked on after the Dragon Tombs, and not have taken time away from them.

    2. Give us more updates on that is happening: AKA, don't sit there and let us guess on how things are coming, tell us. If something failed horribly in the Dragon Tombs, and that's why its late, tell us.

    3. Religion, stop it: Its not needed, go take it to a religious site.

    4. More events: The Mob arena isn't for everyone, make an event that anyone could do.

    I will update this with more.
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  2. Everyone should be free to express their religious or irreligious identity. What is needed is respect.
  3. 1. I agree completely, Either that, or get Justin/someone else on the team to help develop EMC, it's pretty clear that Aikar is in over his head and is overstretched

    2. Again, Yes - all we get told is "It's nearly ready" since about february

    3. Agree, It causes an awful lot of flame wars.

    4. Again, Yes, We need events that aren't just combat related.

    Agree with all the points you've made there, I really have drifted away from EMC recently because I've been finding it extremely boring and unexciting, purely because the time it takes for any updates to anything to be released.
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  4. Agreed, but as far as I can tell, here is the current state of play;
    1. Normal Mode (maybe?)
    2. Groups
    3. Dragon Tombs
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  5. My responses broken down by question: (NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE!!!)

    1. The wastelands were necessary for the dragon tombs. Land claiming with eggs was going to be a problem, but now should work wonderfully because the wastelands exist.

    2. Aikar has made it a point to put up updates when things happen and reveal progress. To be honest though, him taking the time to make an update everytime he does something takes away from his time to actually DO it.

    3. Religion is going to come up in-game just like it comes up in normal conversations. Just like conversations about politics, its best to just be tolerant and if it bothers you that much, ask the player to take it to private chat.

    4. It took a lot of time to make the mob arena run as flawlessly as possible. The staff has held small events, like the park-our course at smp1 spawn. In addition, they do voting events, designing events, etc. The main issue is organization and it takes more than just a few people saying "yeah! sounds good!" to make any event successful.
  6. Thank you for the prompt response. :)
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    1. Wastelands is a solution to a problem that's been around WAY before Dragon Tombs was an idea. We've stuck to an order of importance and will continue to do what's best for EMC in the way we know how. Remember, as a lot of people want Dragon Tombs, other players don't care about them and want things they need as well. We have to cater to everyone here the best we can.
    2. We do this already. Check our Empire News section. As soon as we have updates on things it's posted there. If you want us to post things like: "Did more random coding for the Tombs today, but nothing new.", that's probably not going to happen and would become very redundant.
    3. As some people have stated many times, religion isn't the problem. Lack of respect is. Religion can be allowed and lack of respect can't (and isn't). Those that show lack of respect are breaking EMC rules are are dealt with and the good religion talk is able to continue.
    4. We have one called Creature Capture that we plan on doing but requires a little bit of coding on Aikar's end to just finish up. Though, if we go with your #1, this would be hard to do for a while as you wouldn't want him to work on this quite yet.
  7. 1. Land Claiming was going to be a problem in the wild, which is meant for building, but now that we have the Wasteland, which is meant to be destroyed, it works? Don't see how that works.

    2. A forum post wouldn't take a week to make, a few minutes at most.

    3. Then create a part of the forums for religion and politics.

    4. If the Mob Arena works great now, put more time into another large event.
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    1. I wouldn't say he's "over his head". He knows what he's doing. Things just take time. With him working solo on this as he has been for a while, as Justin has had to deal with personal/work stuff for a while, I would say we STILL release more stuff than any other major server out there in a timely fashion.
    2. As stated already, sometimes there is literally nothing to update other than, it's still being worked on. Not sure what we can invent here to make you happy with that.
    We release stuff and give updates ALL the time for a Minecraft server. You're staring at ONE very complicated update and just ignoring all the things we do have. Just look around for a while until DT comes out and I'm sure you'll find something fun.
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    1. People were saying, "If land is going to be claimed all over, how will we get supplies." *Bam Answer.

    2. Again, we're not going to make Aikar post: "I did more coding today. There were lot's of numbers, letters, and symbols typed." for updates, haha.

    3. It can go under Misc. If you don't want to read them, don't click them. You first said you wanted us to banish it, now you want an entire section for it?

    4. Before or after Aikar finishes DTs? You've asked us to do both now.
  8. 1. Implying ever chunk of land that is possible to generate in Minecraft would be claimed.

    2. I would like you to think about what I meant by that, and not what you think I meant by that. I mean flaws or just general updates, not an update every two months about a new feature of it that will push it back another two.

    3. Point taken.

    4. Point number 1 should explain the order of that would work.
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  9. I think that EMC is doing a wonderful job and keeping me personally entertained. I'm always finding stuff to do. And the staff have been awesome about giving us updates with stuff like the wastelands. Yeah it might take a while but in the end it's all worth it.
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    1. No, but a lot would, that mixed in with the problem since EMC birth of having to reset wild lands to get new stuff put Wastelands at a very very top priority.

    2. Well, anytime we do have something new, we do post it. That's just how often something like this will have updates. We can't really have flaws in it's developmental state this early, as it has to exist first. As soon as it does we promise you will know. :)

    3. N/A

    4. Well, this one is kind of hard to do then. I mean, we think we already are doing that. You're asking us to pick and choose what is considered "NEEDED" and "WANTED" I would think a random side game would be a "WANTED" thing to make on the side over the "NEEDED" wastelands. Know what I mean? I mean, Aikar needs breaks for things in coding I'm sure to keep his mind fresh and not burnt out, so in between long Dragon sessions, he takes on a few side projects and whatnot. I'm sure we'll have a new mini game up and running sometime in the near future and I'll try to get regular games on it as we have Mob Arenas. Promise. :)
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  10. I'd like to point out that these are honest opinions of players of EMC, Instead of trying to argue about how wrong they are, maybe look into what's making people think of these opinions.
  11. Yup we very much are doing that. The answers are the best we can give. Sometimes though, it's not possible to make people happy and people just choose to find things to be unhappy about. Unfortunately, I can't fix that.

    When you say, "There's not a lot to do on EMC." and I look around and see tons of things to do, it puts me at a loss of what to tell you. For the things that make sense, I think we're doing a good job of answering things. :)
  12. This is another good point. It seems whenever a post comes along that criticizes a thing about EMC, every mod and admin jumps on the defensive bandwagon. You need to get over the fact that someone might not think that how something is going in not that great. Things don't improve if we just sit here, and say "ALL IS GOOD AND DANDY!" when its really horrible.
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  13. It's not horrible and we are answering your questions. Please tell me the EXACT answer you're looking for us to say to your request...Literally an answer that would make you 100% happy and we'll see if it's feasible to do and get done. :)
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  14. Point proven.

    I never said it was horrible, and I never said these answers aren't good, its called, debating, and it happens, a lot.
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  15. I'm extremely confused by you now.
  16. Dear Diary/EMC,
    Today I coded some stuff and talked about Pickles with Max. When that was done I took a walk and played Ingress and thought of new ways I can ruin the EMC economy.
    -Love Aikar.
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