What has happenned to the EMC?

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  1. I may be banned but i do know people that still play in the game, Most don't want there name here so I'm just gonna leave it at that. also I have heard that There has been Plenty Griefers, Noobs, and Trolls Joining witch is causing 90% Of people to leave.

    -AKA if you make it where no comments allowed that just means you don't want evidence and you do not what to let people here about others story. Its true.jpg
  2. :confused:
    I'm confused…your train of thought is hard to follow.
  3. Lulwut mate? Nothing has happened to EMC, you're (probably) just trying to pathetically get back at EMC for banning you. :)
  4. no its getting way better because people like u are getting banned and we don't have to deal with them
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  6. I may be admins but i do also know people that still play in the game. None of them care if their names are here but I'm just gonna leave it at that. also I have heard that There has been Plenty of Grifers, Noobs, and Trolls Joining and getting banned which is causing 100% of the people to be happy.

    -AKA I made it so that people can make comments but have banned you from the site for creating yet another sign of evidence that trolls leave troll threads.
  7. BTW, this thread will remain open for your enjoyment as yet another EMC Fail Troll thread for an unannounced set time before it is locked. Enjoy EMC Family. :)
  8. lol, trolls these days... Will they ever learn?
  9. Nope.

    I also think that it should be rigged so that when you're forum banned and try to come back, you get trolled with this picture...It's pretty freaky.

  10. Oh great now you've made it really hard for me to pick which one is my favourite... Thanks... :p
    But in all seriousness those programming guys who run this place should really look into your idea Panda ;)
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  11. I also had an idea where it could be turned into a gif that goes from normal to negative over and over.
  12. Yeah lol that would be just... amazing!
  13. what has happened?
    awesomeness has happened.
    also whos one of those trolls?
  14. Good luck with that ;)

    Also hi everyone! Haven't been on in awhile :)
  15. I am ashamed... at how badly you got schooled by the EMC community.
    Also, how about this? It could say BANNED on the paper. :D
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  16. Trolls on the internet:
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