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  1. Hi i would like to appeal for the ban i got and my second account krrocks thats not realy mine... its my sister's and be able to play EMC again
  2. Wow. I accidentally pressed yes. This is not a proper way to appeal a ban. Message the mod who banned you.
  3. Yessir. You must privately PM the mod who banned you to appeal, as far as I am aware. Simply click their name on the forums and click "Start a Conversation."
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  4. So did I - Wtf - I swear it said not appeal able.
  5. You shouldn't even be on your sisters account, unless she gave you permission to do something very important, or your just mean.

    If you ever get banned again, please don't make a thread like this, please follow the guide directions and PM the moderator that banned you. :)
  6. first of all your not supposed to get on alt's and play when your banned second you need to pm the mod that banned you.
  7. Yep, he needs to PM a Mod, I think he gets it, let's just have a Mod close this thread now please.
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  9. Hi everyone. The title says everything.

    BigDavie is the one who banned both of you
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