What do you think of the new mini-boss spawn rates?

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The new spawn rates for mini-bosses...

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Are awesome, even makes me go out into the waste more. 12 vote(s) 52.2%
Are awesome. 1 vote(s) 4.3%
I didn't know anything changed. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I didn't know anything changed, but now I understand seeing those monsters. 1 vote(s) 4.3%
I don't like it. 3 vote(s) 13.0%
I don't like it, and even avoid the wastelands now. 1 vote(s) 4.3%
Meh, mini-bosses. Sorry, I have other stuff to do. 3 vote(s) 13.0%
The cake is a lie, so I'm eating cookies. b0rk, b0rk,b0rk! 2 vote(s) 8.7%
  1. Hi gang,

    SO I get this feeling that the wastelands aren't being used to their full potential. Now, I know what you might be thinking: I'm well aware that we have several EMC events happening in the wastelands and surely that means that they're being used, right?

    Well... I dunno. In my opinion those events are more like a community event which just happens to take place in the wastelands. Alas, that got me thinking but before I get into that I'd like to put this opinion to the test...

    In case you're unaware, Aikar has recently changed the spawn rates of mini bosses. So for Momentus and Marlix. First he tried to send the EMC custom mob army after us by spawning them in like crazy, then it got re-adjusted to what we have now.

    So now I'd like to know: what is your opinion on the new spawn rates of mini bosses?

    Why I'm asking? I have my reasons, but as mentioned above I'll get into those later on.
  2. I haven't had one spawn for a couple days. That should be the norm to be honest. it SHOULD be a rare spawn. Not so rare that you don't see one for two months while playing 8 ish hours a day lol.

    Edit: and definitely not back to back spawns like what was happening. that was fun for a few days though lol.
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  3. Yeah It's alright... makes it a bit more boring now when I just want to kill stuff out there but when I'm mining I guess less is fine.
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  4. Although they are meant to be rare, fixing the spawn rates really destroys businesses that hunt these mobs down for their drops. The demand doesn't drop, but the supply does, and by a lot. This means that they have to work their butts off to keep their business running, which isn't good, especially since real life can get in the way at times.
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  5. Just a comment for context... It seems that some of you think the rates have dropped, but that's not really true; they went up. I've been on the Empire for 280 days now and before Aikar changed the spawn rates I had never seen a Momentus before, ever (apart from the /tutorial). Only fought a Marlix because my friends alerted me to it and we hunted & fought it together.

    So, the spawn rates didn't go down: they went up. The post I linked to merely shows that Aikar fixed the insane spawn rates. Because at first you'd almost get a mini boss spawn guaranteed. As in: Killed Momentus? Good, here's Marlix for you ;)
  6. ooh wait... I'm thinking of enraged mobs, my bad XD yeah momentus and marlix have become a lot more common
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  7. Time for a small bump :)
  8. I reaaally loved the spawn rate upping. I have a small frontier town that I spend a lot of time in, and fighting momentuses every 2 hours made it a lot more fun xD well not really 2 hours but you get what i'm sayin.

    Now recently I THINK that they are little less common. Before every time I walked into the frontier town from the nether portal i'd see "You feel the ground shaking" or "You sense an eerie presence". Now I don't get em as much, might just be me. And I play on dif 7 all the time too.

    I don't think that raising the rates was a bad thing tho, I never saw a momentus except once, back when I was like on my 3rd day or something while I was gallivanting in the waste. I didn't fight it because I was too scared and had absolutely no idea how to do it. Now 230 days later I can fight em with eeeaase :D I probably wouldn't know that if they didn't raise the spawns
  9. I actually like the spawn rates they are not too much and not too little.
  10. For a fortnight there I was killing a momentus and a marlix every day at my outpost. As soon as the momentus was killed marlix spawned. Seems to have quietened down to one every second day now :cool:
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  11. In the past few months they have changed a few times. I started around the same time you did and I have fought about half a dozen momentus and ran from two marlix before the 1.8 update.

    About a week after 1.8 there was a super nerf to minibosses and they pretty much just stopped spawning altogether.

    This caused a lot of upset players because before 1.8 if you knew what you were looking for, more than likely you could find one every day or two. So after all the complaining Aikar raised the spawn rate a few weeks ago. He said "Spawn rates have doubled" When in reality it went from effectively no minibosses to a miniboss spawning every 30 minutes when you were in the wild/waste. Quite a bit more than doubled.

    Since that insane boost to spawn rates the rates have been nerfed at least twice that I know of and there is still a lot of miniboss spawns. There is probably double the pre-1.8 spawn rates, maybe a LITTLE bit more.

    Keep in mind that marlix and momentus either only spawn or have a higher chance of spawning in certain biomes.
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  12. I've only seen/killed one miniboss, and that was with a certain melon-lover.

    So, there. I don't know if minibosses are scared of stone slabs or something.
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  13. There was an update, a while back, that dropped their appearance rates, which caused me to not see a mini-boss for months and even barely caught a glimpse of enraged creatures (and I'm often in the waste gather blocks or drops). After the last update (that I know of), the mini-bosses suddenly appeared almost every time I went out to the waste (like twice a day). I'm not sure what it's been like the past few day however, because I've been too busy with work to play.
  14. note that the 1.8 didnt "nerf" their rates in an intended way. Mojangs code for getting the highest block at a location (ground level) is buggy, and we used that to prevent spawning under ground.

    so, tons of legit above ground spawns got treated as below ground.

    That bug got fixed, spawn rates were crazy. It's been adjusted a lot but I think were at a good point now.

    Spawns shouldn't be predictable.
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  15. The more, the merrier. Just as long as Marlixes don't suicide and Momenti can swim. ;)
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