What Do You Struggle To Find?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by azoundria, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. I'm curious to determine which items people have the most trouble finding in shops/malls at present?

    Or, you need more of those items and the shops are consistently low on stock.

    Have you ever failed to make a purchase or headed to the empire shop because you couldn't even find the item at any price?
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  2. Spawn eggs.... Checked every smp9 shop and they were out of chicken spawn eggs... >.>

    Luckily, smp1 is always there for me.
  3. Love.
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  4. Enderchests.
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  5. Oh, and obsidian to make enderchests.
  6. Packed ice has run out on smp5.
  7. Cooked fish and raw chicken.
  8. It took me 30 minutes to find a shop in stock on nametags. Your site helped to reduce the amount of time it took, BTW azoundria.
  9. Currently, smp5 seems to have no emeralds available for sale
  10. Cheap XP bottles (the shop I used to buy from is still out of stock.)
  11. My largest problem is finding EXP bottles. I use them very frequently and they always seem to be out of stock.
  12. Ok, why not tell me to set up a private shack for you on my res so you can buy EXP bottles from me? I can get them pretty easily.
  13. Gunpowder and spider eyes. Also, why does nobody set up a trash dump for rotten flesh?
  14. Same, There's a shop on smp1 /v 2000 that sells xp bottles, but they're a bit expensive...
  15. =P I'll shoot you a PM on the forums when I need them.
  16. Since everyone is plugging their stuff, I have a constant stock of 29r XP bottles at 19500. That seems to be about the fair market midpoint with people both buying and selling.

    That wasn't the point of this thread though and I think if people have items and want to do side deals they should use PM. :p
  17. Enchanted books, high-level and low-level. I'd like to buy low-level books because I often already have a near-full-level enchantment, and just need a couple level 1 or 2 books to complete what I need. Unfortunately, shops tend to just sell the highest-level books, which means spending more rupees and wasting the halfway enchantments I already have. Furthermore, even if I cave and go for the highest-level enchanted books, they're usually out of stock anyway. I've looked to buy enchanted books, browsed, given up, and enchanted at random manually quite a few times, so this is definitely the thing that comes to mind for me.

    A consistently stocked shop with every level of every enchanted book would be fantastic. Now people are going to tell me that there already is one, and I'm going to feel like a fool for wasting so much time. :p
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  18. erosego used to have the greatest enchant shop imo....
    Do not know if any shops that sell all levels. I would suggest getting into villager trading, any level book, no enchants, all cost for emeralds which are gotten from paper.

    This is not the place to talk about this, but feel free to pm me.
  19. A bae

    >tfw no honey
    >tfw no baby
    >tfw no ragtime gal
  20. I have trouble finding enchanted books and enchanted items. Hardened clay and water lilies are often out-of-stock too.