What Do You Consider Cheating?

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  1. So, recently, I have been working on a solo survival world. I say recently, but I've been working on it the entirety of this summer.

    I think I got one of the worst seeds possible - the nearest jungle is 14000 blocks away, and the best places to find wolves were over literal oceans. I spent several days and hours just trying to get a pack of 23 wolves home, but they wound up all drowning because they somehow teleported underwater. I gave up and just went home, and spawned in a wolf (I already had one - but only that one). Then I began construction on a large building to have all my facilities in it - farms, furnaces, etc.). I planned on bringing villagers from their village there, but I was extremely low on resources. So... I spawned ten in (equivalent to how many were in the village) and then killed all the villagers in that village.

    My question, I guess, is what do you consider cheating to be?

    To me, when I turned cheats on, I told myself that:

    1. Before spawning in any mob, be sure to attempt to find, tame, and/or bring them home.
    * This doesn't apply to horses. I spawned in a plains biome, so I thought I might get a bit trigger happy with cheats and I told myself I wouldn't spawn in horses, golden carrots/apples, donkeys, or mules.
    2. No diamond, iron, or golden tools may be spawned in. This applies to armor as well, both player and horse armor.
    3. Diamond and other minerals may not be spawned in.
    4. Teleporting may not be used.
    5. I may only use keepInventory in the Nether. Sorry, but, I'm a horrific noob and I try to live when I visit the Nether (I don't just recklessly charge everywhere - I usually forget to cut it on, lol) but while this is my first lone survival, I want to keep it on in the Nether.
    6. MobGriefing can only be set to false when a building is under construction. Once it is finished, it must be removed.
    7. Enchanting cheats may not be used.
    8. If the game lags out and something bad happens as a result, it may be repaired using cheats.
    9. Food may only be spawned in if I am extremely far away from home and am about to die, and there would be no way of returning to the spot to gather my stuff back.

    What I mean by number eight is, for example, I found a dungeon under where I was building this large building. I was still digging out the area, so mobGriefing was still on (I thought creeper explosions would actually help more than hurt..). It was a zombie spawner, and I was going to keep it to farm Exp. Game lags out, creeper shows up, blows everything up. So yes, I replaced the zombie spawner (in a more accessible location), but I felt this was justified as I literally dropped to zero frames when this creeper showed up.

    Depending on the situation, I judge what I think is okay or not. For all the time I spent on the wolves, I thought it was justified spawning in just one. Also, I spawned in jungle saplings and cats simply because if I couldn't get wolves across 5000-6000 blocks of ocean, then cats certainly weren't going to make it.

    I don't really consider using outside apps cheating. I used some apps to try and find some biomes after searching a ridiculously long time. That's how I found out the jungle was 14000 blocks away and my world has no mushroom biome, or at least, no mushroom biome near enough for me to access. If I can't get wolves and cats across oceans, ain't no way I'm leading mooshrooms across them, lol.

    Tl;dr: I'm having a bit of inner anxiety over spawning stuff in. What do you think is justified or what is considered cheating?
  2. I think in your own single player, survival game, anything goes. If you want to build your house in creative mode and spawn in the zombie apocalypse outside before you go to gamemode 0 and start playing, I feel like that's entirely your choice and your right to do so. For me, I like to be able to /toggledownfall and skip to day time when it suits me, and sometimes I'll do a cheeky keep inventory if I really don't feel like losing my stuff. Also, I love that village and biome finder app. Sometimes I'll use that on a seed before I even start playing, just so I know what I'm working with.

    What I'm trying to say is that I don't think you should feel like you're "cheating." It's your minecraft world. You should enjoy it and play however you want.
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  3. Well, when in single player anything basically goes because MC is all about playing the way you want to play it. But as for me; in my single player levels I consider using any 'cheat' commands actually.. well, cheating a bit so I try not to do that.

    Then, of course, you die in hardcore mode, get so upset because it was a very nice seed and you had just finished building a nether base. Also because "it wasn't my fault, that zombie pigman just walked in front of me while I was slashing up a magma cube, and then it gets upset for being hit?!" and so I ended up hacking my save game and now I can continue playing ;) Maybe I should make a guide out of that ;)

    But yeah, normally I consider any out of the ordinary command 'cheating'.
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  4. In survival, I consider any command cheating but the scoreboard commands. In creative, I don't consider any command cheating.
    In my original survival world, though, I won't ever use commands, not even /scoreboard. I feel like it would simply destroy the feeling of it.
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  5. Haha. I always keep cheats on for /toggledownfall.
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  6. Now, obviously, on multiplayer using any third party tool that could give you an advantage is cheating.
    As for when I play singleplayer, I listen to the cheating protagonist I quoted.
    EDIT: I thought to put my quote in the quote box, no way would I pass that up.
  7. I love quotes like those :'). Another one I love is:
    "No one sees, no one sues".
  8. If I were playing a singleplayer survival world, any use of commands would be cheating with these exceptions:
    • Mob griefing could be turned off, either permanently or not at all.
    • If something happens that goes against how the game was meant to be played (bugs) cheats can be used to fix what damage was caused.
      • This excludes lag, because as annoying as lag is it's not a bug.
    • Toggling weather. It's just annoying.
    So, out of what you listed, I would consider these cheating:

    • Spawning mobs
    • Spawning anything
    • Teleporting
    • Using keepInventory. Takes the risk out of the game completely. I'd never do it.
    I'd consider this cheating. Nothing went against how the game was meant to be played. However, the big thing was "in a more accessible location." If I was to spawn something in, it'd be exactly the same as how it was before.
    I think spawning in anything is bad. Even if you got unlucky (with both the dogs and the world seed), it wasn't a bug.
    This is a tough one. I think it's cheating, as your character would not know where the nearest mushroom biome is. But, if you feel it's justified, do it.
    My suggestion when starting up a new world (I know it's not possible now): leave cheats off. If you ever need to use commands, open your world to LAN and enable cheats. After doing what you need to do there, disconnect and rejoin. You'll be less inclined to cheat as it will be harder.
    That's just what I would do. It's your world, and ultimately your decision.[/quote][/quote]
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  9. For me the whole point of playing a game is having fun. (Considering you are on singleplayer) You can do whatever you want as long as you are having fun (an example would be like spawning lots of TNTs to make a giant hole in the ground because who doesn't like blowing up stuff right?).

    Now when it comes to multiplayer, cheating would be anything (anything that isn't allowed) that will give you advantage over any other player (another example would be having yourself with higher health stats).

    It's important to all players have the same advantages and rights. If any player (Except for Admins and Staff) have higher advantages than any other player, that's already cheating for me.

    But It's not like "Oh, we went to Mob Arena and he had a diamond armor while I had an iron one". You see everybody have the same rights to bring their own armor and get their own equipments as they wish...
    That is ok since everybody have the same advantages and opportunities... If a player doesn't use his/her advantages and/or opportunities that's his/her problem. Therefore it's not cheating if you don't use your advantages...

    Anyways... I guess that's all I gotta say for now... By the way, have a cookie on me!
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  10. Nowadays,when I play survival I like to first find an ideal location in creative usually near a village, and then build a modest home for myself. After building the only resources I keep are a few for patching the house if it gets creepered such as a little extra glass, then I turn standard survival back on.

    I play mobile too so you better believe I use creative to build my house because building is a pain in the :( on the pocket edition.
  11. I think the real question you should be asking, SlvrBuildsBlocks, is whether or not you're having the fun experience you expected. I realize you wanted at least some form of challenge, since you set yourself up with a rule list. However, at the end of the day, when it comes to single player, the purpose of the game is entertainment. If it's upsetting you more than it's entertaining you, the bar may have been set too high. So... Are you having fun? If not, maybe try again, with the same the rules, but applied to a new seed?

    You may find the seed I received as my very first Minecraft world, entertaining. It certainly pushed me to learn how to play, quickly. Just be aware that you initially spawn underwater, on the side of a small island with three trees and little else, in view of a water temple.

    Here's the seed: 941675177788953864

    And here's a screen shot of what it looks like when you first load in:

  12. This is singleplayer and you can play however you want. If you want to play on creative all of the time to build up a huge castle, fill tons of chests with every item you need, and switch to survival, you can do that.

    Personally, I never use any cheats in any game unless I started with the entire purpose of just cheating through it. I find that mixing cheats and legit play isn't very fun. When I use cheats even a little, I immediately consider any accomplishments I get to be void and useless no matter how small or insignificant they are. This isn't for moral reasons but because as soon as you use a single cheat, you have changed the game and the outcome will be completely different.

    Even if I had spent days perfecting the perfect army to attack an enemy and a random spawned dragon jumped in and ruined them while I wasn't looking, I would leave it at that and make sure it doesn't happen next time. If I had used cheats instead to remove the dragon and respawn my army, I would still consider that cheating because I modified the core gameplay in a way that wasn't made to be modified. I took a frustrating event that most other players would have to deal with and removed it. I consider this a loss of fun in the game. If you can just spawn in whatever when things get a little difficult, what is the point of even trying?

    In your example, there weren't any jungle biomes nearby so you spawned their items in. If you hadn't, you could have created some fun new goals for yourself. You could have either set out on a long quest to find the far away jungles, or you could have decided to adapt to the absence of the materials. Minecraft is largely based on creating your own goals and that first could have been one of them. It certainly isn't impossible, just time consuming to bring back far away pets.

    It all comes down to how you want to play though. Maybe you want to play easily and just mine and build. That is perfectly fine and there are plenty of people that do that. If you feel yourself wanting to play without them, disable cheats on world startup and lock the difficulty at normal. Force yourself to play a certain way and see how it goes.
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  13. Hmmm... I think that anything not done legitimately is considered cheating. They are called cheats, after all. :p

    Now, I know you may "need" to spawn in some food because you are too far away from home, but in doing that, you show a lack of self-discipline. (No offense meant.) When I am in survival, I do not spawn in food for myself, rather, I work my butt off in trying to find some before I die. If you really want to, then start the game out with a "kit" of sorts. (Now, this could be considered cheating, too...) Start with stone tools, a leather chestplate, and a few pieces of steak. At least it'd be easier to begin your adventure.
  14. You should always be able to get food. You should always have food on you, and you should always keep some food near your spawn. How would you run out like that?
    You also probably won't need a kit, as when you start playing there are still lots of mobs around, to kill for their meat.
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  15. Minecraft was meant to be fun, so play your way. In my case, I never use cheats in survival and that is all I play (do not like creative). If you want to change the game play in single player so you can enjoy it more, go ahead. If you don't enjoy it was play it. Have fun. ;)
  16. Depending on what seed in which you play with. If the seed is bad, then you may not have enough resources near your spawn point. What I meant was that you must have self-discipline to have cheats on and not use them. I am not sure what you are implying in your post, could you please re-iterate?
  17. I don't know maybe....

  18. Going into creative is cheating? :confused:
  19. in emc
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