What do I need to build?

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  1. Hey Guys,

    What do I need to build and on what smp#?
    It can be a big or a small project.

    If you have a idea what I need to build please let me know.

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  2. build a way for me to kill a Marlix so I can get the chest piece and leggings I need
  3. Create a Public Pixel Art place on SMP 1...
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  4. You could build a public stone generator, a way to farm enraged mobs, easy and quick to build or a museum.
  5. Thanks for your idea's, but I am looking for a big build.

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  7. you should build a ...pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness week you should build a comunity farm!and make it on smp2!!
  8. Big build eh??
    You should go for something like a detailed Golden Gate Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge :D
    Those are quite large-ish :p
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  9. :p just becuz!and what do you need help with??
  10. The nicest looking museum on SMP1
  11. I like that idea, on what smp# do you want it? (not 100% sure if I am gonna build this).

    I am asking for idea's that I can build.
  12. hmm, well I would say Utopia for the bigger plot/space.
    If your thinking of something else, maybe go for the Empire State Building from NYC. :D
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  13. A replica if NYC, kind of like what nick said.
  14. Perhaps a Museum on SMP8? There isn't a museum there(as far as I know)
  15. you don't need to build anything
  16. A very efficient Wither Farm on smp2 and invite me :).
    Only (mostly) kidding.
    But seriously, you have several sweet builds in town, so maybe some sort of wild build on a hill ?
  17. Make the empire state building on smp5
  18. Yea Empire State buildings rock!!! (I have one lol :p)
  19. You do realise he's asking us what we want him to build, something we need
  20. queendiva1 already did that : <O>