what did u get for christmas?

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  1. sooo what did u get?
    did u get coal or gift.

    merry christmas
  2. I got an early present a week or so ago, and it was a creeper keychain.

    That'sssss a nissssse keychain you got there.
  3. So far, all that has happened in my family is that I have purchased my brother Minecraft and he has purchased me Fallout 3: GOTY.

    Probably other stuff will happen when it is actually Christmas here in Alaska.
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  4. Very nice, i hope if you got fallout 3 for christmas, it means you already have skyrim :)
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  5. Fallout 3 is one of my all-time favorite games of ever. My computer can't handle Skyrim though.
  6. Tonight my parents got an iPad (first gen, not second) and my family received a collection of Lord of the Rings Pez dispensers. I can't wait for tomorrow!
  7. i got a new norelco...ive been needing another one.
  8. Preserve he wild us my Christmas wish!
  9. OMG I got a bunch of Pez dispensers too! I love Pez they are soooooo nice!!!
  10. Mom was gonna get me iPhone 4S but the shop always outta stock :(

    She's planning to go in the morning someday next week to be first in line before it outta stock again. (People around where I live are crazy about it and rush to buy until it outta stock lol. BTW they restock dialy)
  11. Well until tomorrow I cant say much. But my grandma got me a book on engineering, strap locks for my guitar, and the annual socks. My uncle and aunt sent me 25 bucks. Then before we go to sleep we all got new pjs :D Going to be a good day tomorrow
  12. my bro got an i pad for his 11 b day i think he is spoiled i am older yet i don't have anything like it
  13. Chocolates, a comic book, a cook book (yes I love cooking), a brand new scuba diving computer............. and my grandmother's 101st birthday :)
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  14. My beautiful girlfriend got me this shirt:

    And my mother, family and friends got me these (amongst other things):
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  15. OMG. Battlefield 3 and Assassin Creed Revelation :):D:confused::eek::rolleyes:
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  16. well, i wouldnt fully know, but last night (christmas eve) i got battleship and a ton of legos (i love lego's, i plan to be an architect when im older). today is christmas (in most of the USA) and i was hoping for a new xbox360, my brother is always playing MW3 on it :/
  17. im guessing your a women?
  18. I know! My brother got a computer in April for "writing a book", but I didn't get a computer until September, and that was only because it my school is doing a 1:1 laptop program. Without that I doubt I would have gotten a computer until college.
  19. O_O omg. not again. please don't make this thread get lock
  20. What? Me, or someone else?