What are you sick of?

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  1. I'm sick of being labelled, bullied, having to stick with friends all the time otherwise i'll get beaten to the ground by atleast 5 popular kids, and my multiple mental health disorders.

    I hate being labelled as an "emo", a "goth" and a "depressed ass". TBH, only the last one is true. I see no need for it.

    I've been bullied all of my life - and i'm tired of it. It's stupid, and it driven to an attempted suicide a few years ago.

    I hate using my friends as bodyguards. My best friend is a girl, so what the hell is she gonna do if I get attacked? The best she could do is try and hit one of them with a bag and that get pushed over - which would probably send me into a raging fit and attempting to kill them all. The only thing that would help me, seeing as my other friends aren't strong at all, is my tall height. I'm really lanky >.>

    My mental health disorders drive to me breaking point. I could breakdown in class for no reason, get angry really quickly, self-harm or do worse. I can thank the bullies for this. They made me feel like everyone hates me at an early age. Whenever I ask my friends why they're friends with me they say its because i'm funny...and I don't believe them. My best friend says its because i'm trustworthy - TBH, i'm far from it. I just like her enough not to blurt out all of the sick secrets about her life she's told me.
    What are you sick of, and why?
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  2. People who use illegal mods and hackers, i mean really, just play like we all do, we survived , so can you >_<'
  3. Why is your butt depressed?
  4. Not sure if trying to be funny, or "depressed ass" means something different in America than it does in England...
  5. I really hate bullying, even if I don't get bullied, its a horrible thing that shouldn't be done, we all have the right to be respected no matter what. The best thing to do is talk with an adult, and try to get the bullies in their place, and if they don't stop, do it again, maybe they can get expelled from school someday and stop bothering you.
  6. I've done everything you just suggested. It just makes it worse, so I refuse to tell adults. I just deal with them myself.
    However, seeing as I have anger issues, that probably will result in me stabbing someone to death soon...
  7. Immature teenagers..
  8. I'm sick of being forced to stay at home every day, due to my disease being extremely aggressive these days. (I've got ulcerative colitis, if anyone's wondering.) Since January 5, I haven't been outside my front door more than a few days. I feel like I'm a prisoner in my own home. I'm just glad I have a loving and caring wife who takes care of me when things are like this...
  9. im sick of teenagers whining about character building things,
    also im sick of my newborn english bulldog peeing on my carpet
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  10. I'm sick of the lying and corruption in the (U.S.) government. Both sides, not just one party. We need honest people in there.
  11. ^i could kiss u if you werent so far away
  12. i used to be bullied also because i was the scrawny smart.(most people liked me)
    my brother used to also bully me at school. so then i ended up kicking a bully in the crotch and breaking his nose and i beat up my brother. then i started homeschooling(It isn't actually anti-social freaks that are amazing at everything)
    and everything got better. I did ditch every single one of my friends because they were either imbeciles or dbags.(2 of them just didn't have a good schedule.
    Also i could beat them up for you :p

    EDIT: also to the person who said the government
    It is the same as schools. They say they want to stop all bullying but instead they seem to promote it by trying to bring the bullied kids away from everyone making them targeted even more. and the government is just a huge money hole as if you were throwing diamonds into lava walls.
  13. Diarrhea and false reports. Mostly false reports.
  14. Oh boy, where to start...
    I'll be back. This might take a while.
  15. That sucks.
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  16. My best friend's brother already does that to a bully who bullies me and my best friend :D
    Teenagers play with character builds...? I don't know how it is in America but if you did that in England you'd get 'tethered' :p
  17. I thought seeing this thread was kinda funny because i am currently sick of mononucleosis.
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  18. guys im going to let you in on an alpha male secret, you can only be bullied if you allow yourself to be there are resources on the internet to train you to be a better fighter and the rest is all psychological warfare.

    the bully is messing with you because you show signs of weakness, im not going to recommending extreme violence or condoning it however make it very clear to him in your own way that it is not worth his continued pleasure to risk messing with you and that will solve the problem.

    example, i used to be a 4'9 freckly four eyes dweeb, most of yall are too young to remember this but when columbine happened i took my change with my bullies and did the following:

    printed out pictures of the kids that did it and dropped them in their lockers, then i started carrying around gun magazines and making it clear what i was hinting at.

    now this is a drastic measure as bullying these days is much lighter then it used to be but it worked now im a semi successful attractive male who turns down the women the jocks were with for real 10's.

    only you can prevent or prolong your own suffering
  19. Even your parents? :(
  20. It's funny, because there are 100 people in my year at school. Only 7 of them are my friends. The rest hate my guts, and bully me daily. I usually just go home and cry, sometimes I go to sleep, most of the time I go and play violent games and imagine i'm shooting the bullies. I have a pretty mind...by 'pretty' I mean i'm a complete sadist.

    I also self-harm. Up until yesterday it's just been punching myself. I actually tried to break skin :3 I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself - but whenever I do something about it I make it worse. I find its best just to play games and listen to music to make me happy. BUT the music I listen to is about hating people...
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