What accent do you have?

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  1. I got bored and thought I'd make this a thing. If you're wondering why I thought this would be a good idea to make - as I said, I was bored. I'm not the most imaginative and smart person when I'm bored :p

    Imma start us off: My accent leans more towards the scouse accent - since I was born in Liverpool and have Liverpudlian parents, and am surrounded by Liverpudlian people. However, I pronounce words like the average person from Cheshire (the county I live in :p)... example:
    Lourdes is 'lords', and not 'lew-idds'.
    Book is 'buk' and not 'Bewk'.

    If you're wondering what a scouse accent sounds like: the exact opposite of the stereotypical uptight British accent. It sounds like an odd mixture of Irish, Welsh(?), and North-West English accents (because it is genuinely a mixture of those >.>). People not from the city and its surrounding area often have a difficult time understanding me, so I have to change the way I talk when speaking to strangers
  2. I'm from Wiltshire, Western England. I don't sound like a farmer. I also don't think I can further expand on my knowledge of my own accent. xD
  3. Most of you non-Canadians might think I sound like a moose who just chugged a bottle of maple syrup, however that is false. My accent is not as much of an accent as it is of an intonation. When I speak French, for some reason, my voice goes waaaay deep. When I speak English, my voice leans more towards American than it does to Inuit. You're welcome. =P
  4. well, according to http://wikitravel.org/en/Nebraska, and underlined to best fit my personal accent:

    The vast majority of Nebraskans speak American English with a neutral "Standard Midwestern" accent. In some rural areas of the state, people speak with a slight accent best described as "country twang"; this accent is also easy to understand. Nebraska is largely devoid of unusual terms for everyday items, with a few exceptions:
    • Carbonated drinks are nearly universally referred to as pop.
    • Beer served from a keg at a bar is a draw; a half beer/half tomato juice drink in rural areas is a red draw.
    • The town of Norfolk is pronounced Norfork and the town of Beatrice is pronounced Bee-at'-riss
    • The town of Papillion is pronounced Pap-pill'-yun.
    • The town of Plattsmouth is pronounced Platts-myth.
  5. Northern Ireland. Specifically that of Derry/Londonderry.

    I say 'one' as 'wan'.
    I say 'aye' instead of 'yes'.
    I say 's'craic' (a contract of 'what's the craic') instead of 'what's up?'
    I say 'youse' or 'yese' as the plural second person pronoun.
    I say 'messers' to mean people who are starting trouble for fun.
    I say 'them' instead of 'those'.
  6. Apparently I have a Midlands American accent. o.o Interesting.

    I'm going to take more quizzes to find out stuff... to be edited!

    EDIT: This is too difficult.
    Give me a list of words and I'll tell you how I pronounce them. I'm American, but I don't have a really funky accent or anything. Definitely not a Boston, Southern, or New York accent. How sad. :p
  7. I have an Australian accent - but not like the ones you see in movies - hardly anyone actually speaks like that apart from the bogans. So I say 'ah' instead of 'er' in most words (rivah, forevah, nevah, etc). We have heaps of slang, and it's always amusing when my friend who moved here from America 3 years ago still discovers new terms :p
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  8. I have the sarcastic accent sometimes, but I have the average American accent most of the time.
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  9. I am from Michigan so I have a mid-western accent. I use words like chips and pop and pronounce crayons as crans. You can go to other websites if I talk in ways others dont XD.
  10. I say that too - but only because I prefer using some Old English terms over New English ones :p
    My 'sarcastic accent' is deepening my voice and saying 'noooooo, [stuff here]' half the time, lel.
    You can start with 'Lourdes' and 'book' :p
  11. I grew up in Central NY (state, not the city) so I have the awful nasal Rochester/Syracuse accent that makes me sound like a little kid (for the best example, go watch Jenna Marbles on YouTube, she grew up about an hour away from me). However, I picked up a few southern US pronunciations when I lived in Virginia. I one day hope to move away from the northeast and lose my NY accent for good. :p
  12. I have a somewhat average American accent but every now and then (Pretty rare) the Southern side of my bloodline comes out. For non-Americans or Americans that don't know what that means, here are some examples: ull instead of oil, y'all instead of you guys, whale instead of well, and -en instead of -ing. :p
  13. I'm from California and I don't have the typical surfer / beach guy accent. :p

    I'd say I have an average American accent, nothing special :p
  14. Uh, well I have no idea how to pronounce Lourdes, but I'd say "lords"? Just from how it looks. :p

    Book is like "hook". Oh wait. Uhhh, like b-uhh-k?

    Also, ya sometimes I say "y'all" but that's only because I picked it up from my friend, who has a Southern accent and says some words/phrases common in Southern style speech.

    Give me more words o.o
  15. I've got an Australian accent. It's an average Australian accent which means it probably sounds nothing like an accent you'd hear in a movie (unless you had a real Australian playing the part). Like BabyCreepersRule, I pronounce words ending in 'er' as 'ah'.

    I can also do a pretty good German accent.
  16. There's an important distinction to be made here.
    Accent refers to how someone speaks a non-native or secondary language.
    Dialect refers to the regional way of speaking which is commonly and incorrectly referred to as accent.

    I have a Pacific Northwest dialect, I speak other languages with an American accent. My dialectal terms trend more towards Michigan, Idaho, and Utah.
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  17. This a very interesting question in my oppinion.
    As I'm German and I only speak English in school or sometimes on teamspeak/skype I think I have a terrible German accent =P
    I watch a lot of series in English (e.g. White Collar, Person of Interest, Breaking Bad, CSI) and movies, so It might influent my accent...
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  18. Canadian accent?... eh? :]
  19. Hmm, well in that case the only non-native language I'm fluent in is American Sign Language... which I "speak" with a, uh, hearing person accent I guess? lol