Well Then.

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  1. Well, never thought I'd particularly get to making this thread. So, lets get right into it shall we?

    I, don't really...know anymore. That sentence sounds really stupid never mind, but I can't find words for it. I am just, uninspired in everything I do. There's an entire list of things for me to do in real life, on EMC, in other video games. And I am just in a rutt.

    I've been in this...situation for a while now. I've been trying to remedy it for, so long now. Giving myself more projects and stuff to do on EMC, getting free to play games on Steam, taking up various hobbies. But I can't find myself...doing any of them? I don't know what to call this feeling and I've been trying to sorta, ignore it for a while now. But the more I go on the forums and see people doing all of these things the more I just...

    I just can't.

    I don't know what's, wrong, anymore. I don't even know what to call this thread. Is it a goodbye, a "i'm taking a break for a while" thread, I, don't know. And to anyone who I said we were going to do stuff with, I am deeply, sorry. And even more sorry about the excessive use of commas in this entire post.

    I'm not going to say goodbye, since if I say goodbye that means I'll be just gone. Not going to say see you later for the same reason. So just eh,

    Brb for a while, EMC.
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  2. Meh, you're still my favourite vegetable on SMP2!

    I think it might have something to do with getting a bit used to the things you do. Right up to a point where there's no challenge, and no anxiety. What used to be something to look out for has more or less become common. Or worse: a burden. When you feel that you're not so much doing it because you want or like to, but because you get a feeling that you do so because you think it's what people start to expect of you.

    And that can become a very tricky business.

    This is also the main reason why I do in-game things rather slowly. I only raided an ocean monument while Aikar and his team were already deep into the 1.9 update, I'm still slowly building my "house extension" on my 2nd res. and yeah.

    Still... I hope you manage to sort things out. I can well imagine that it's not a very pleasant experience :confused:
  3. See, you, when, you, come, back,


  4. I am in a similar situation right now, I am just not finding EMC fun anymore, and I am not sure why. I recently started a project to try and help the community, but I am not sure how to elaborate this project further, right now it is just a small thing where I give people money who need it, or don't have much.