Well that's awkward...

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  1. Meh, I like potatoes. What can I say? :p
  2. I feel ya Pandas Eat Raman, WHAT IF TARE IS A L0T@D OUT THEIR.
  3. "Not your alt"
    Im kidding, but people do this sometimes, Like all those Icecream cattle around EMC.
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  4. I think the awkward thing here is the guy with my skin looking through that hole in your signature.
  5. -_-
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  6. PortalShoo2er has a PortalShooter out there
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  7. Pretty soon: PandasEatCookie
  8. Never seen another form of uglydragon out there
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  9. So... What do pandas REALLY eat?
  10. bamboo, thats being legit
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  11. I think Pandas is just hoping this isn't going to become a new alt trend...
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  12. *goes and buys "prettydragon"*
  13. *Goes and buys decentlookingdragon*
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  14. Was gonna post a name... But it's mine :V
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  15. PandasEatBananas
  16. Err, don't know if awkward, creepy, funny or potato...
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  17. I am just glad it hasn't happened to me yet :p
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  18. Don't fell too creeped out, I had AlexChance3 and 4 created, a week until I found out who it was >.>