Well... Ouch.

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  1. So today, I was on a bike.
    I haven't rode a bike in a while, so I was wibbly wobbly timey wimey on it.

    I basically lost control of the bike.

    I landed in the most awkward position I could. Flat on the side of my face, foot bent at an awkward angle, arm stretched out, fingers clenched.

    I scraped my thumb and index finger, have probably smashed the crap out of my cheekbones (but it only stings a little), my ankle feels like it's pulsating, i've chipped my tooth (luckily I have a dentist appointment next week) and I have a really strong pain in my wrist. I think i've broke atleast one bone.

    So... Erm... I didn't cry. I just took the pain. Then I started screaming in pain. Also, my face looks like this:
  2. Well... Ouch.
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  3. Did you die?
  4. Whoa.. I hope your okay. I liked your use of "Wibbly Wobbly Timey" :p
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  5. No, but guess where i'm going?
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  6. He respawned
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  7. Wow. I have had a lot worse. One time I rode my mountain bike on a very steep rode with lots of rocks. You see it was a shortcut to the lake by my grandparents house (They live out in the bunes Aka they live on a mountain pass.) When I rode down after my brother, I did a huge cart wheel, on my bike mind you, landed on my foot, had a huge scrap on my leg, and my helmet got busted and got stuck to my head. Ouch indeed. But, it wasn't the worst time evar. You see I have trouble processing pain and I only cry if I SEE that I am hurt.

    Anyways I survived with a broken ankle for the rest of summer.
    At least it wasn't like the time I had glass in my feet or a knife through my foot.
    Or having your whole right leg being burnt by the camp stove and only registering it the next mourning.
    Or having your finger turn purple because your brother smashed it in the door.
    Yea, I have had a lot of "Minor" Injuries.
  8. When I saw "well... Ouch." I thought your Girlfriend dumped you :l. Hope you get better soon.
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  9. Is it me ; or does ALL the bad stuff happen to you?
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  10. Yep. I'm unlucky like that :p
    I may have sprained my ankle and wrist, the cuts on my fingers still hurt (meaning I can't write with EITHER hand -.- It's hell typing, by the way) and the side of my face is beginning to swell up... Hopefully that'll have died down in the morning though.
    Also, minor injuries' x-rays are closed so I get to put up with extreme pain through the whole night :D
    I don't even care if I have to have an annoying, sweaty splint on my hand - I want the pain over with >.>
  11. I broke my pinky.... yes i know haha. anyways, it is still broken (since october 29 was the day it broke [2012 ofc])
    Hope your finger isnt like this. anyways go to the hospital, get an xray, and go to bone doctor.
  12. Well, I just want to ask, how long did you not ride a bike for?

  13. 3 years...
  14. Well crap... I haven't ridden a bike for like 2-3 years, I don't want to re learn at my age.
  15. When you Re-spawned was it in the last bed you slept in thousands of blocks out in the wild with no tools or armour to get back.

    Seriously Ouch :/

    hope you feel better soon.
  16. I know how to... I just didn't know how to start off properly and... well... I thought I was doing it properly, and then the handle bars twisted, and I tried to fix them, but then the the bike fell onto its side.
    I just happened to be in shock and had my mouth wide open and smacked my tooth on the pavement, and twisted my wrist and ankle :p

    Where's my Daryl Dixon seal of approval?
    Ehhh... I probably will.

    I'm going to see the minor injuries tomorrow - I should be able to atleast get a splint.
    I'm going to the dentist next week. Hopefully he can smooth the tooth over or give me a filling (I hate the feel of the tooth being all jaggedy and rough). If I still had the piece of tooth (being an idiot and all I knew where it was but in the pain didn't bother to pick it up) he'd be able to repair the tooth.
    My legs are quite weak, so the ankle pain is something i'm used to. (My knees aren't strong enough to sustain my weight after I jump from something as small as a metre high, and my ankles have arthritis-like pains every now and then).
  17. You should have used your time machine!
  18. Sounds bad...
  19. Sorry, but it would cause a rip in the fabric of space and time -- its more of a -- hmm nevermind.
  20. Then why the ?hell? are you typing then?
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