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  1. As is occasionally brought up by various members, supporter-ship overrides active or well-known member status. The obvious solution to this is to combine the two:

    Active Supporter
    New Supporter
    Well-Known Supporter

    You would be able to show your dedication to EMC, and that you put your money where your mouth is.
  2. I'd like this.
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  3. +1 Great Idea
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  4. I like this, a good way to combine the two types of statuses.
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  5. Maybe even another rank for players that have been signed in for over a year? Or maybe a rank for the ones who have posted a certain amount. Maybe one for someone with two years.
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  6. Now now, baby steps. :p
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  7. Omg yes please! :)
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  8. The Well Known Member really just means you have 118 trophy points, which are easily earned by posting and getting a few likes. There isn't actually anything special about it, and it doesn't necessarily mean you are "well known". I honestly don't think this is needed.

    But to address the suggestion, it isn't possible AFAIK. Although, if EMC does update, then Well Known Member etc. can be shown with a banner showing whatever supporter rank they below. For example:

    Well Known Member
    Diamond Supporter

    But that all depends on how permissions are configured, and it will only work if permissions are configured correctly.
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  9. Having two lines seems redundant. One line would look much more elegant.

    Also, I don't know much about coding, but it's simple algebra to see when both requirements are met.
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  10. Kind of like, and kind of dislike :D.
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  11. The single line just isn't possible.

    And it isn't exactly two lines. There is one line and a banner. I'll demonstrate below:
    Just ignore the Staff Member banner :p
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  12. Why is it not possible?
    (I guess the only one who could truly tell us is Aikar himself)
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  13. Because of the way the trophy points system works. It would require a fair amount of modification to make it possible.
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  14. Unless it's changed since I've became well known or it's just one of the methods of acquiring it, i'm pretty sure you don't need all of the trophy points seeing as how I only have 113 out of 118.
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  15. Yeah, I don't think you need even 3/4 of the total you can get to become Well Known Member.
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  16. Ahh I see, I always thought it was like 250 posts and 100 likes or something like that.
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  17. It's about that. :p
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  18. This has been suggested, please search before posting.

    I agree with this idea.
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  19. Since when has this been suggested? I've seen suggestions to display Well Known Member etc. as well as the supporter rank. This is a suggestions to combine them.
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  20. I would like to see a 2 year sign in thingy.
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